轻微的游戏机制改动,将让比赛更精彩。Minor mechanic changes will make the match more exciting

Machine translation
If the game wants to flex its muscles, for example by hosting games.
Professional players, on the other hand, bring out the soul of the game. Especially game mechanics.
The game is ugly at the moment. Very ugly. It’s out of date. It’s not enjoyable. There is no innovation.
Ruch, the sentinel tower of Era 1, empire ii is already tired of playing. And Empire II is even better.
The knights of Age 3 are tired of empire 2. The match was more like two AI fighting by themselves in Empire ii. No tough operation.
You don’t have a clue what to do next, and importantly, you don’t want to make major changes. I know how to think as a designer. After all, I’m a designer, just in a different industry.
Without further ado, let me come up with a very mature “slight change” proposal. I believe it will make the game much more enjoyable to watch.
These changes do not take into account the game balance and have little impact on it.
1: Increase the knight’s size, speed up the knight’s charge speed, increase the knight’s charge damage. Let professional players more boldly play the knight’s operating space, operating possibilities. A knight’s charge takes longer to save for the next charge. Knights of different races charge at different rates, and there is even technology to improve it. (The idea is that the knight will behave like a scalpel on the battlefield. Due to the increased size of knights, there are always fewer knights. This change will make the game much better.
2: The lancer attacks the knight, causing him to slow down, making it impossible for him to escape early when there are lancers. And lancers will be very important on a large battlefield. Instead of being afraid to exist on the battlefield. The archers’ restraint against lancers is like a machine gun to a caveman. Also returning to earlier versions, the archers can’t shoot in close combat.
3: Zhuge crossbow weakness. Zhuge crossbow will have two processes, one is burst shot, one is filled arrow. Separate the two processes. Can further improve burst, fill arrow takes longer. Movement speed decreases after shooting because he needs to refill arrows. Zhuge crossbows will need lancers to protect them or they won’t survive. (Lancers have been further improved.)
4: Ranged units have reduced health and increased range of attack. This makes ranged units more dependent on lancers and hoplites. Making the battlefield even more tricky. Improve the aesthetics of large-scale battlefield. (Technology inside the forge. Improve the importance and game of blacksmith technology.
5: Catapult attack mode changed from round to long. Equivalent to a combination of the original ballista (straight-line penetration). Pro players will think more seriously about how to set up catapults.
6:(buildings here do not include large arrow towers, castles) at present, ordinary buildings are randomly placed. Some kind of modification was needed to make the location of the ordinary building very important. Instead of buildings just having to exist. It takes skill. It all takes skill and experience! Not meaningless!

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Bruh. The least you can do is google translate it for the rest of us.

ok I have translated the article using our domestic translation software

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It has been translated

Knights are kinda in weird. Mongol yam network can make units walk as fast as knights. Chinese palace guards are knights with less health and dont get countered by spears. And you are punished very hard if you are playing knights.

Chinese palace guards are kinda in weird.