[Minor Natives topic] Post here your ideas for every single minor natives so the devs can look at

It’s not changing, it’s adding more. And why would it be bad for treaty?

  • You can only build Trading posts after the treaty is over, so for the llamas, that would mean 200food with every card you’d send from that point onwards.

  • For the build speed bonus I can remove the team bonus (it’s confusing anyway). But in treaty everything is up by the 40min marks so, how impactful vills building a bit faster be by that point?

Genuinely questioning you because I’m not experienced in Treaty mode. I see both effects being more beneficial to Supremacy than Treaty. Can you explain me?

the current bonus is to building UNITS faster, they also have a really useful one that makes all infantry significantly faster.

being able to train units 25% faster is significant, it makes you able to almost instantly replenish your unit and it enables weaker factions like the ottoman to keep their mass up.

What are you talking about? I really don’t understand. My proposed effect is improving the building time of buildings. It has nothing to do with units.

In treaty everything is already built upon reaching 40 min (you’d probably just build what was destroyed by enemies). Isn’t unit training speed powerful there because players already have fencing school/riding school and such?

The tech is:

Quechuan Diet 250 food,250c
Effect Infantry and cavalry train time -15%

There are cards that help up to 65% and Cree Textile Craftsmanship speeds up all buildings by 25%, on top of making them cheaper. I genuinely can’t understand what you are trying to explain to me. :thinking:

You are saying that 20% is too much or that Inca would be stacked with faster units + faster build times?

im saying that it seems like you are replacing current tech which is a big no no.

i never talked about villagers making buildings faster, im talking about the current ones making you able to train units faster.

Bro, you’d better read the post/topic properly!

I’ve NEVER said anything about replacing a single tech of Quechua’s: No one here is proposing that unless it is said so. The names are not even the same and it’s even written new techs above them! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You misread something but nevermind: that’s already past. :joy:
And I’m glad you gave feedback about Treaty anyway because I’ve removed walls and defensive buildings from the effect. So I’m grateful! :wink:

Other changes that would significantly improve native allies for civilizations without access to gunpowder and arsenal technologies such as the Aztecs and Incas, but that the native town itself would have access to.

Explain better in my forum, but basically it is this:


Maybe it would be nice if playable natives had access to more mercenaries.

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What do you mean exactly? That taking an alliance will give you access to more mercenaries? … Or that the pre-Columbian nations can contract mercenaries like the Europeans? If it is the second question, then I would say yes and no at the same time.

They could hire rogue or outlaw units at the native embassy, or they could hire native units with which the civilization has some connection and have their own separate limit counter. For example, the Aztecs could create Zapotecs and / or Mayans with a separate limit of 4 each, but increase that limit by +4 each time you advance in age. Then in the imperial era you will have access to 36 more units that have a limit apart from the native allies of the map and the cards as well. They would still be inferior to the mersenarians, but they would not count as a population and would make them more competent in the treaty.

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The native civs have access to I think three outlaws in their native embassies. I was thinking they could/should have access to the same pool of mercenaries as non-native civs.

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Some awesome stuff in this topic guys. I see some very well researched posts from various users, well done. We will be having a look at all your ideas :slight_smile:

Special shoutout to @OperaticShip743 and @SimilarOwl0320 for giving so much input!


Thank you for your time!. I hope that our contributions will be useful to facilitate your work in improving the game.


There are a lot of things to bring up to speed like making the Nootka Warchief a hero, giving Cheyenne a dog soldier unit (either an addition or replacement), and making Tupi Poison Arrow Frogs actually grant poison damage.

Some generic native upgrades could also help flesh out the lacking tribes and be easier to learn since you’d encounter them more often. For example, an upgrade like Yoruba Herbalism is generic enough to just be Herbalism and be available from a variety of tribes.

The map locations of many of the tribes also need a major rework since many of them are very inaccurate.


This would only really make sense for Jesuits with a small number of the arsenal upgrades.

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Yahoooooo! Let’s go!!

Let me give you another perspective on that:

Poison may simply be something that hurts “more”. Something that is “poisoned” may be something that increases damage AT ONCE.

Not everything that is labeled as POISON needs to have continuous damage. I’m personally fine with both Caribbean and Tupi techs tbh.


Presumably, if they used firearms, they were in the forefront. It is necessary for balance. It would also make more sense than captured mortars.

I told you!. It’s just a matter of time.

I think + 10% damage is fine.

Remember that this improvement affects all types of archer and if its damage were by consequence it would turn the English and Japanese archers, and the Inca archers themselves into very powerful units.

High five! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I’ve got to post the rest all of my stuff fast: I haven’t posted anything so far because my motherboard failed (smartphone sucks and the forum is blocked by my company’s network).

I’ve got stuff for Comanche, Maya and Huron. Cheyenne, Navajo and Shaolin in progress.
I’m also undecided about some techs for certain civs (but the devs can sort them/replace them better than me, so it’s fine).


Did you have a bet if another person mentioned that upgrade? I was just summarizing the most obvious things that should be changed.

That’s not really how most poisons work, especially not the poisons mentioned in the game like for that tech.

We already have jungle bowmen with that type of poison and Yoruba Legionaries with a tech to grant a similar poison ability. The Tupi one is just an example of lagging behind on updating old content and should be made consistent now that there’s poison damage. None of the Carib techs mention poison so they’re fine as is even if they probably used poisoned darts.

It wouldn’t have to be the same strength of poison as jungle bowman. You’d have essentially the same effect as the current one if the upgrade granted about +0.33 poison damage per second for the same duration as jungle bowmen’s poison. If it stacked with other sources of poison then the tech wouldn’t be useless to jungle bowmen. A poison effect also wouldn’t necessarily even need to inflict damage. Many poisons are paralytic and could be implemented as an effect that slows movement or attack speed.

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It doesn’t have to be overpowered at all and can do essentially the same just with actual poison. As I said before:

Thanks for being more active on the forums lately Ippert, means a lot so it doesn’t feel like ideas are being thrown into a vacuum

I feel Bedouins could be their own minor civ