[Minor Natives topic] Post here your ideas for every single minor natives so the devs can look at

I wish either holy site units spoke different languages depending on the map you’re in (which is something I want for converted treasure guardians as well) or they had different units speaking different languages (like royal houses).

None of them is almost not entirely true, moreover each native has a different meaning based on the civilization and the enhancement you need, I often use natives but not to do the strat of the natives but to take the up that I serves, we must not think of taking natives only with France or to make a native strat but we must think of taking natives even when we can take advantage of their technologies or the coffers of resources that they can offer us when they become convenient.

Can anyone post the new Mayan, Klamath and Seminole techs?

They’ve addressed all American light infantry this patch. I’m disappointed because there were no more techs and no adjustment to units.

I fear their goal is letting american minor civs with only 3 techs. It’s a shame.

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  • Klamath Rifleman can chop wood, gather treasures, herded animals and berries. Plus bonus attack against treasure guardians (So they are now more valuable to pick from treasures)
  • Now work ethos affects Klamath rifleman too (5% like to the others)


  • Maya piramid tech gives you a Mayan Castle (similar to the Maya revolution model one). Train Maya Javs and healer.


  • Seminole Guerrilla Wars now grants siege range also (16 range, 40 attack vs. buildings, 3 RoF)
  • Seminole Invencibles gives 10% hitpoints and regen to Seminole Archers.

More like both reuse the Aztec temple model from the campaigns. Which is why I’m weirded out that wasn’t given to the playable Aztecs as well.

Porque no es una pirámide azteca, es maya.

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Eeks Klamath!

The other ones look solid!

Now that the norm is for every minor civ to give at least two units, I wish the American and Asian ones would change to that as well. I also wish there was variety in the languages the Holy Site units speak, like with Royal House units.

What do you mean by norm?

Only Europeans have two units (almost all). I think that is to. I think that is to counter-balance the amount of 1 tech per age they have.

I could be misremembering, but I think all African minor civs give two units as well

Technically yes, but many aren’t actually native units. Akan’s second unit is a single hero that is gained with a tech and Sudanese have a tech to enable some mercenary training, but they only have one normal native unit.


The Berber one is literally a native unit , an economic unit, a prospector wagon-like unit and a hero.


I’d say the Salt Camel is just a wagon that looks like a unit.


I think it’s cool they made that one Tupi tech actually give them poison damage, but I wish they’d also replace the tech that gives pet cougars, since they’re trying to avoid problematic stereotypes.

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I think this forum is bearing fruit, but slowly. I hope that in the future more improvements will be added to each minor civilization to match their counterparts on European and African maps. I’d say we’re on the right track.

It’s a small step for the developers, but a huge leap for the humble gamer forums XD.


You think so? Hummmm

They’ve added a new tech for both Maya and Seminole. One would think that it would be easier adding a couple of others right away too.

There is a very good compilation here:

Catalog of proposals on minor factions/civilizations (AOE-3 BASIC + TWC + TAD)

and they’re clearly reading our feedback from this very topic


That is not a stereotype in the way you are thinking. There were no pet cougars/ jaguars obviously, but there were a lot of myths behind them.

Furthermore don’t take some people’s stances on natives’ heritage or relation with nature as the norm, regardless of their descendancy.

The Tupi cougars are useless anyway, would be cool to replace them.


You are right on that. Long time ago I read a strategy around spamming them and use them as meat shield. Long before D.E… Definitely not viable nowadays.

Anyway it’s cool that is an unique tech, when that happens I’d rather see it buffed or slightly reworked.

I think cougars should become an ability, like a kind of militia that your scout or town center can summon. (Like the militiamen of the United States). A price lower than the current one, but it recharges slowly over time.

They could also be affected by the general improvements present in the native TP that improves the natives, or they would simply improve with advancing age.

I believe that the best we can do is insist.

I think the new Mayan upgrade that grants a fort should become a trainable unit, and not an upgrade that you have to research. I would actually like a more unique new technology, and this building would become a trainable unit, just like the Berber salt wagon.

Now that Klamath can cut down trees, why couldn’t Comanches hunt?

Request fulfilled.