Minor Rework Suggestion About Agents & Assassins

I really like the rework they did with the agents and assassins in the last patch. I think they are, perhaps for the first time ever, really viable units in gameplay. However, I still struggle to find space in my deck to add this card without sacrificing too much in the trade, which I figure is a problem most other players have as well.

So I was thinking that if the agents and assassins card was integrated into the advanced church card it would become far more likely to see these upgraded units more actively playing a role in the meta. After all, the advanced church card (which has a different name for every civ) is, in my opinion, usually a good card with just barely not enough to make the final cut in most decks. Adding the spy upgrades into it could just push it over the hill into the category of ‘must have’ cards. What do you guys think?


Hero upgrades like the ones that grant a scout dog should also be integrated with this advanced church card.


These types of cards could easily be integrated into politician age-up bonuses.

Agents could be enabled by going up with the Tycoon (Pinkerton agents were used as strikebreakers).
Explorer card upgrades could be granted by the Adventurer.
The Inventor could have a crate of experience added to the age up to make it more viable.


Or you could just create a ‘Spymaster’ politician and have it grant the upgrades plus a couple of upgraded spies and perhaps a small crate of 300 gold. Either way, I do like that idea.

It would be cool if it was a bit more specialized for certain nations. Like an Okhrana Agent for Russia or Grand Inquisitor for Spain. Italy could have it linked to The Medici and nearly everyone else gets access to the Tycoon.