Mirror as an option [Civ Selection feature]

Not sure if it was suggested in this part of the forums, didn’t find it…

Anyway, pretty simple concept, would be cool if we could have the option to set the civilization as “Mirror”.

That would make it so (in a 1v1) you can use the same civilization as your opponent.

  • If the opponent uses China, you use China.
  • If the opponent uses Random, you use whatever civ they end up with.
  • If the opponent also uses Mirror, you both use the same random civilization.

In more than a 1v1 or other N° of players, it could be set as “Mirror player X” (As in (“mirror player 1 or 2 or 3…”) or maybe as “mirror random player” as well.

I dunno, I would like it, how about you guys?

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