Mis-allocation of resource and the Fall of Age of Empires/M$

So roughly a few months post-release, AOE:DE has very little communication to the community, no presence of the developing team members on its official forum and apparently, very little resource dedicated to fixing/adding features that requested by its community members and PAYING customers

BUT THERE IS ONE THING APPARENTLY VERY IMPORTANT TO M$: the Age Up series production. Granted, it was amusing at first but you must realize that vid production is expensive and this vid series don’t do jack to keep this community or the game itself afloat. Other successful RTS don’t have this gimmick crap. Their community managers didn’t allocate funding to gimmick but instead, they assigned more resources into fixing the games, adding requested features and have the developing team interacting with the community (see Blizzard and how they do it).

I didn’t see any of that. Who is the head honcho for Age of Empires DE and the franchise anyway? Apparently that person has very little experience in game development and i dare say, incompetence in community building. I am disappointed that this game and the franchise have fallen into such terrible state.

Oh btw, locking this mediocre game to Win10 and Windows Store is the final nail to the coffin. Way to go on your method of limiting sale and restricting the community growth. This is not Starcraft where ppl would flock to you like you guys are some kinda hot stuff even when you lock your game on your exclusive platform. You are not Blizzard with a decade-old RTS game franchise with decade old support. Heck, you don’t even bother to care about your newly rebooted game just a few months after its release. Further more, you are rebuilding a community for a dead, long-abandoned franchise. Reach out to ppl, listen to them, come out of your ivory tower and see that you are not
the only game in town.

M$ and co can always look back to this and say, “well, we did the same crap with Halo 2, Games for Window store, shooting ourselves in the foot… we certainly repeat the same crap again, 10 years later.” Bravo!

Like you say, OS and Store lock was always going to restrict sales and massively so. I did upgrade to WIN 10 and sorted my Xbox Live for this however, so there are fans who will go through the barriers to play the game.

I assume the Community teams funding must be coming out of different budget with a brief to prep the way for sales of the entire series rather than the DE budget. I say this as it is fairly anger inducing seeing them produce lots of irrelevant ‘engagement’ via Facebook whilst not engaging on their own forums.

Bottom line for me is that I am enjoying the game and most of those who don’t like it, seem to not appreciate the difference between AOK and AOE. Though I recognise some are having bugs and additional issues.

I’m also surprised for ‘Age Up’ series continuity while we see none on the actual game.

Starcraft remastered seems to have had pretty good updates. Even to fix bugs and quality of life fixes. Im surprised MS cant do the same…