Missed opportunities + questions for the campaigns

Hi everyone,

Do you think they will add a Holy Roman Empire campaign later ? I think they missed a opportunity to put the spotlight on this ‘‘realm’’.

Also, if they add DLC, do you think they will put campaign for each new ‘‘realm’’ added, like in Age of Empires II : DE ?

Still, I am disappointed, for the moment.It seem all medieval game put a lot of emphasis on English history. At least, the game didn’t put forward the Anglo-Saxon era.Also, why another campaign on the one hundred years war ? I really like the game and I think putting Mongol and Rus on the scene is very nice, but still, why they didn’t used the Holy Roman Empire ? What a odd choice.

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If they add properly working scenario editor, then we will get our HRE campaign along with many more from talented scenario creators in community :slight_smile:


Hi York0,

Thanks for the answer, I didn’t saw the things like this, but I agree with you, it will be nice to see what the community will do with the tools of the map creator.

Still, i wish they will continue to develop the campaigns. The introduction to each mission are so interesting and, also, they putted real effort in the voice acting of units. It will be a lost opportunity if they not implement more campaigns in the game. I also wish install custom campaign from the community will be easy and friendly.

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Imagine if fans can embed youtube videos in their campaigns to mimic the officially made ones. Some good youtube clip of a documentary on HRE then a campaign mission. That would be sick.

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Hi MisterSmell,

Yeah that will be truly nice if some fans will be able to add Youtube video before the start of the mission.

I think Relic and developers could try to implement tools to help the community to create mission as faithful than the main campaigns.

Perhaps I ask to much, but i wish the DLC, if they make ones, will be always bring a new campaign.