Missed opportunity with Caravels?

Ok I know this will probably never get implemented and it may even be unbalanced, but its fun to contemplate anyway. Doesn’t anyone else think the Portuguese Caravel unit could have been so much cooler it if was an armed trade cog? That would have definitely been more historically accurate and it would have been an interesting unique mechanism for the Portuguese. They could still have access to the normal trade cog but would also get this one at an increased price. What does the forum think?

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I think it’s a really good idea, and will complementary fetoria aswell. Nevertheless it will be, maybe, a little op. Anyway, I think Carabels need some buff

Trading with the enemy!
Make sure it has good armor then.

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Yes, exactly what I had in mind, and quite fitting considering the Portuguese went around with their ships and basically harassed established trade ports around Asia and Africa to force themselves into those markets.

But one thing that would need to be worked out for gameplay would be the unit behaviour in different scenarios, like what it would do when it comes under attack when on a trade route, like would it stop and fire back and then continue on its path or would it only engage in battle if specifically told to do so by the player.

After discussion in another thread I decided this is not such a good idea. I propose instead to make the Caravel generate gold by fighting like the Keshik.