Missing Aoe units in Return of Rome

Spotted one more missing unit, the Blind Lame Priest.

I recently found out the Whale’s icon was ported.
The sprite was sadly not, but I was able to restore it using the unused Whale unit from Aoe 1 that was left from the original game. (WHAL1, WHAL2)
It looks like normal fish though.

I really wish the rest of the missing units from DE would be ported, including the terrain features.
(Not at the expense of current unused units please! As the unused Aoe 2 units are now being used in RoR scenarios and campaigns)


There was a different lion skin, alligators which were grey and looked great, and African elephants in AOE1DE which need to come into AOE2DE. There was a black horse too I think?


True…The black horse icon is also still there.
I’ll add it to the list.
I think the Lion is similar enough to the existing one (They even ported the icon)

Or well…I would if I could edit the OP, guess I cant anymore.

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The AOE1DE lion looks more natural than the AOE2DE one which has a weird mane and head. The big cats like lions and tigers and bears are also too small in AOE2DE, especially next to the wolf and boar. We also need missing animals like tapirs, hippos, giraffes and hyenas added in to complete the set.


Well the Aoe1DE Lion was meant to represent the Eurasian Lion, of which only a few persist in India today.
So yeah maybe we could use it.
The more the merrier as long as they can add em without deleting existing unused units.

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Oh yea, for some reason hunting dogs and hounds were not added. They need to be added, at least as editor units, and maybe pythons too.

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I don’t recall hounds in the original

I agree that they should add african elephants to the game since AoE1 had them.


Two types of dogs were in the Age of Chivalry major mod in AOK. We also have hunting wolves which don’t make sense. Dogs should be added. They also exist in AOE3.

Ah well, this is about what has not been ported from Aoe 1 DE.