Missing Aoe units in Return of Rome

I think we should aim to get all Aoe 1 units in this scenario editor so old campaigns can be ported, but also so you have options.

Here’s the ones I noticed that are missing:

African Elephant
African Elephant (Alpha)
Alligator (Alpha)
Blind Lame Priest
Lion (Tame)

Yes I know the Crocodile is similar to the Alligator, but since we have both Deer and Gazelles I don’t see why we can’t have both alligators and crocodiles. Also alligators exist in China.

If you notice anything else missing please post it, hopefully the devs can address it in a future update.


Desert patch 1-3
Grass clump 1-6
Terrain Crack 1-5
Cactus 1-3
Rock 1-20 something


I mean that’s doodad, not units…but fair enough, getting some of this ported from DE would be nice.

And also bring back the original Hero Jason Skin (from legacy Age of empires), and cheat Baby Prez (from legacy and and Aoe Definitive edition).

And if possible new skins for some heroes (Queen Zenobia using a camel-rider skin, is a bit strange).


Oh yeah, Jason should get his model…It’s basically the chariot rider with a sword, so it should be easy to implement.


The African elephant HAS to be in the game! Not having it is disappointing, considering all units from Age of Empires 1 were supposed to be ported over with the Return of Rome DLC.


Those heroes aren’t used at all though because they didn’t port over the old campaigns.

New skins for the popular heroes like Caesar or Alexander would ne nice though.

Also use AoMR skins for the Trojan heroes, as soon as AoMR is done.
They could make a cool crossover event and give as a new Trojan war scenario.

I think having more hero skins, is good not only for scenario designers, but for modders and players, for the sake of variety. But the priority is now is fixing the issues, they can adding the heroes over time with the updates.

The crossover is a good ideia, Age of empires has still much stories to explore in the classic and ancient ages.

Other skin who is missing is the priest of the first Definitive edition, but maybe he can be back only for heroes, like the Blind Lame Priest, or archimedes as an example.

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It isn’t that hard to check the missing units tbh, just open the AOE1 DE scenario editor and check what’s missing

Stuff like this artifact is also missing.


Definitely devs need to do a second wave of asset imports.

Let’s not forget about the cheat unit Baby Prez.

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Actually that one is present, it’s graphics are just missing so it is invisible.
It’s called “Discovery” or at least that’s what it was called in Aoe 1.

Then we can count this as a bug rather then missing.
I hope they fix that.

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Alligators were renamed crocodiles in AOEDE. They’re not missing.

Calling them Alligators was probably just an error on AoE1.
Alligators only live in North America and China.
AoE1 focuses on the Middle East where Crocodiles live.


Have you seen the hero Sargon from the new campaign? He is similar to the old hero Jason. A beautiful model.
Babyprez is shit, better if they don’t put it on.

Can you share a screenshot. The graphics look terrible in my game and are very blurry.

I have this in a SMX format but they need to add the African elephants and the Alligators which are different in look of the Crocodiles.


Yeah…Honestly the Alligators should be added to Aoe 2 not just RoR.
Aoe 2 has the mesoamerican civs who have native alligators.