MISSING Curious facts in Mali and Ottomans Civ!

I dont know if this happens even in english version, but in spanish many of the Masteries of Mali and Ottomans dont have a Curious fact as a prize for each challenge.

Is this normal or have the developers still not agreed on whether to add 1 or 2 more technologies and units to the two new civs for balance reasons and for that reason they haven’t decided many of the short curious facts?

Here is a capture of one of the masteries, as you can see, it only gives you a portrait.

As far as i know you need to unlock them to actually read “curious fact” and flavor text

The thing is that, in any other mastery of the first 8 civs, you can see at least the title of the short fact. For that reason is what i played as the French many times to unlock the “Pavis Shield fact”, and now i know that:

Summary of the Curious Fact "Pavis Shield"

The French people were so worried of the english longbowman that they desperately wanted to make more pavises shields as imitating the genoese crossbowman mercenaries that the king contract the first part of the war. The wanted them so far that they even cultivated trees unically for the best pavises shields, and their unique crossbow, the arbalest.

Maybe is a bug, and the history facts of Mali and Ottomans would show if you win the masteries as you say. I would try latter to see what happens, maybe in the night, because i have to work tomorrow.

And I just found out what it’s like to play “mid range” in Age IV (I’ve been playing on low quality). It’s BEAUTIFUL, I CANT WAIT.

I play on a 4k 144hz monitor… with 90-100fps at maximum graphics setting. It’s beatiful. I hope a day you can try at maximum quality. it’s deserve it

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Well, i get two masteries with the ottomans, and … no, there was no prize of short fact in the second mastery. That´s the capture:

Maybe the devs forget to put them, or REALLY they are watching if the Mali and Ottomans civs are played enough to put the normal short facts, OR if they need a balance and add new units and unique tecnologies, and until that they dont gonna put short facts, because even the buildings used as a Landmark could change, and latter we would get short facts or building and units that dont even exist in the game anymore (As the Sipahi, who I think they gonna change for the Delhi cavalry, and their knight is gonna become the sipahi instead).

A curious fact is that in the masteries of the Abbasi caliphate there is one that refers to the great mosque of Samara (the wonder of Aoe2 of the Saracens + the mosque), however the wonder that they ended up giving them is based on the Mosque of Uqba. I guess they originally planned to play the first one, but changed their plans at the last minute:

  • Perhaps because this mosque was destroyed in 1278 by the Mongols, and because this civ represents the Islamic caliphate, for imperial they decided to give it a marvel that would stand the test of time.
  • Or maybe because the original Samara Mosque was extremely “Long”, it is not a circular or square building, it is rectangular but extremely, it would not be easy to model it for a 5x5 space because it would lose its distinctive feature, unless it is divided into two buildings: the mosque and the Minaret, but that would be better for a building in the Editor for a campaign. In fact, even in Aoe2, only the Minaret is a Wonder, the Mosque dont appear, maybe one can make one making a rectangular wall near the wonder and put a Temple and a font.