Missing features/opportunity

I own all originals plus the definitive edition of these games. We all know there were a number of issues with the first DE coming out in terms of performance, multiplayer issues, etc. It should have not been released in that condition despite their initial delay of the game it wasn’t a good launch. However, I am glad the developers fixed it to some extent.

Moving onto the Aoe2DE launch. I felt like it came out strong and the weekly updates really made it successful as opposed to the first DE. They learned from previous mistakes and gave us great content/features as well as tweaks that made the game infinitely better from the original. This is reflected on the steam charts , showing a high number of players currently playing.

Now moving onto AoE3DE. I am quite surprised on how A0E3 is lacking many features/ content/ tweaks that should be implemented before release or via day one update. I don’t own the beta, but I’ve been watching streams and keeping up with this board.

1.) The destruction if ships is infinitely better in the original game. I hope the developers really look at this.
2.) The desync issue is a killer it seems like. Hopefully by launch this is fixed.
3.) It would of been cool if they added a jukebox within the game that played music from all 3 DE versions. This is similar to the command and conquer remaster. It was received well by the public.
4.) My god, there is no corpse decay? How do you know a great battle was fought? The bodies disappear within seconds. A small thing like this completely destroys the atmosphere of the game. Have the option to set a timer for dead bodies. I get there are performance issues, but let us have the ability to control that.
5.) Population limit should be similar to aoe2DE with customizability to have it greater than 200.
6.) Unlocking cosmetics when leveling home city since progression to unlock cards was removed. Or have some sort of progression system.
7.) Buildings crumble too quickly. Slow it down like it was in the original. Fire does look great in DE. Let us have the full experience.

Other things to note that I’m still unsure of and people complained about… unit size too small? Hotkey customizability? Adding save game? Minor ui fixes?

I think these need to be addressed first, before adding new content in upcoming patches. This post wasn’t meant to bash anyone, your efforts is appreciated. Many are greatful of the revival of this series and we appreciate the hardwork your team has done.

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I guess you forgot, but AoE2:DE had huge issues with performance and multiplayer stability at launch. I actually think AoE3:DE launch will be more smooth. Hopefully.

Agree that the destruction animations are just too quick. It’s not possible to appreciate them like in the original AoE3 or in AoE2:DE. This should be improved.

Unit size is the same, but game has further zoom possible so they look smaller at max zoom of course.

They are customizable, and even grid hotkeys option was added.

It is added.

UI has seen some great improvements, such as displaying gather rate of unit selected, or unit rate of fire.

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