Missing Native Civ Home City Customizations

I remember playing a year or two ago and being able to customize my Inca and Aztec home cities. Now the customize option is completely gone. Is this due to an error with my game or was these options retroactively removed?

All civilizations have some customizations for their home cities now, on the main menu click Home City then you should see Customize at the bottom left. If you’re on Steam you may need to verify your files if you somehow don’t have that option.

It is possible if you have a mod turned on that it is overwriting the home city files with ones that removed the customizations.

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Hace unos años las civilizaciones asiaticas y nativas no tenían personalizaciones de metrópoli. Para personalizar su metrópoli favorita vaya al menú principal, luego Metrópoli, y por último Personalizar. Necesitará puntos de experiencia.

You’re right, it was an outdated mod (or mods). In fact, they started causing my game to CTD for the past week. Everything was restored once I deleted them. I think it might have been the Eastern European Civilizations mod