Missing parts in the campaigns and historical battles

Again, sp contents for the game is still quite lacking. Not only that, but the representation is also pretty skewed.

I wrote this almost two years ago but no real sp contents have been released so it still holds:

The 18th century in general, South America, Europe and to some degree Asia are largely missing in the sp contents.

KoTM has historical maps which are good ideas but can also be easily transformed into historical battles. I feel they were made to avoid voice acting and re-designing maps, but a missed opportunity anyway.

Also, the Napoleon movie will be released later this year. It has been long since a hyped early modern history movie, or a hyped historical movie, or any historical move at all. Maybe we should make good use of the hype and add some relevant events, cosmetics and historical battles.

LatAm Independence wars when


There’s got to be more interesting things to do than just a bajillion “Spanish vs Spanish” battles in South America.


You can have the 1st/2nd Battle of G U A R A # # # # #:

  • It’s in the XVII century (19 April 1648);
  • It’s in South America (Pernambuco, Brazil);
  • Features Portuguese as a playable civ vs the Dutch.
    Edit: this censorship is starting to get beyond stupid, I can’t even write the name of a location here…
    [First Battle of ########## - ####################################################################

Grito de Dolores no es Españoles vs Españoles. Queenston Heights tiene una civ especial.

En el Age 2, Alarico debier haber sido casi toda la campaña godos vs romanos pero igual se pudo hacer algo mas entretenido. Se pueden hacer un bajillion de escenarios de España contra España e igual darles variedad

Yes, in fact other battles could be:

  1. Battle of the Maule (1485) (Incas vs Mapuches -if they put Mapuches into the game; they would be like the Lakota but without cavalry, at least in the historical battle) (Incas since the launch of the game don’t have any Historical Battle yet)

  2. Battle of Pavia (1525) (Italians cities and Spanish forces vs French) (this is more or less represented in the historical map of the Italian Wars)

  3. Battle of Lutzen (1632) (Swedes vs Holy Roman Empire) (this is more or less represented in the historical map of the 30 Years War)

  4. Battle of Kahlenberg (1683) (Poles and Holy Roman Empire vs Ottomans) (this is more or less represented on the historical map of the Great Turkish War)

  5. Any battle of the Napoleonic campaign in Egypt (1798-1801) (Anglo-Ottoman alliance vs French) (This can be represented when the Napoleon movie comes out)

  6. Anglo-Zulu War (1879) (British vs Zulus -if they put Zulus into the game; they would be like the Zulus of Wars of Liberty)…

I noticed early on that the devs gave a heavy emphasis to the 19th century. I’m not inherently opposed to it but I think we don’t need to see more missions set in that century. Especially when the bulk of AOE3’s settings and tech arguably belong to the 17th-18th century. I imagine it as bell curve which starts out low in the 16th century, then rises dramatically and peaks between the 17th-18th centuries before falling down and landing in the 19th century.

I’d recommend:
a) Historical Battles set between the 17th-18th centuries
b) Historical Battles featuring as of yet unused civs

As such, some suggestions:

Plains of Abraham - British
Battle of Cartagena - Spanish (cool naval defense mission)
Colonization of New Amsterdam - Dutch
Pontiac’s Rebellion - Odawa (Haudenosaunee)
Beaver Wars - Haudenosaunee (featuring 1600s expansion of Hauds vs French and Huron (Hauds)
Welser expedition - Germans

Columbus’s voyages (1492) (as Spain vs Caribe tribes)

Pizarro’s raid (1532) (as Spain vs Incas)

The Seven Years War (1756-1763) as historical map (as either France or Britain)

The American War of Independence (1775-1781) as historical map (as either the Americans or Britain)

Tecumseh’s rebellion/Battle of Tippecanoe (1811) as historical battle (as either Haudenosaunee or the Americans).

The battle of Lepanto would be an interesting addition

Please don’t, those were a nightmare to use

That’s what made them so fun to play though.

Lepanto (1571) with Spanish soldiers and Italian fleet against Ottomans…the Greeks would give you Phanariot soldiers…Kyoto (1582) (which is already a custom battle in AoE 3) make it official and Noryang Point (1598) when they put in the Koreans…the last historical battles of AoE 2 redo them in AoE 3 at least…

Yes, that is true, it requires a lot of micromanagement… my younger brother tried them and he went crazy with so much micromanagement, but if you organize yourself well you can manage them, they are still like the Zerg of sc2…

Lepanto doesn’t have to be a remake of the AoE2 scenario. You could play as Italians instead, or even play from the Ottomans’ perspective.

The issue is that the Ottomans lost the battle, in addition to the fact that in AoE 3 we don’t have a historical battle playing with the Spanish or that it is a great naval battle (the assault on the Caribbean HB does not count)… but how would be a cooperative historical battle it wouldn’t hurt for one player to play as the Spanish and the other player as the Italian fleet against the Ottomans…

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The Spanish in the AoE2 scenario are a stand-in for Venicians (in fact, I wonder why they weren’t replaced with the Italians in the 2DE version). And Fort Duquesne is only a temporary victory, as the US won that war eventually.

Ok, it seems true to me; but a historic battle with the Spanish is not bad… the same, the US did not exist at the time of Fort Duquesne…