Missing tech?

Hi, console noob here. I have played a number of games where I have noticed some upgrades missing that are supposed to be available, at least the tech tree says it is :man_shrugging:t2:. The Gurjaras Shrivamsha Rider, it doesn’t give me the option to upgrade to elite. The Hindustani don’t upgrade to halb? The tech tree shows they do. And none of the civs that have an armored elephant give me the option to upgrade to seige elephant…

Hindustani dont have halb. So thats working as intended :wink:
For the others I have no idea, since those are rather “obscure” techs (in the way that most civs dont have them) maybe there was a #### ## on microsofts part and they forgot to add in a button?

:man_shrugging:t2: no clue. Thanks for replying.

Interesting, thats an even bigger #### ## then. Hindu definitly dont get halb, and in the PC-port, this is clearly labled in the tech tree. Bit sad to see tbh, i thought the xBox port was done well but thats kind of a big mistake.


Here you can see all techtrees online, hindustanis got halberdiers when they came Out, but it was later remover.
As for Siege elephants and Elite Shrivamshas you need to be in imperial age to upgrade them, If you are and its not possible than that should be a Bug.

Definitely a bug then. I’m in imperial age.

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Are you playing a custom scenario or FullTechTree mode?
You have to be in Imperial Age but FullTechTree mode disable

Just a basic single player skirmish and a multiplayer random map with friends. No custom anything. Regular tech trees etc

Was really hoping another Xbox player would confirm what I’m saying. There is DEFINITELY no option to upgrade to elite Shrivamsha Rider or Seige elephant, in imperial age.

Maybe you need to report this as bug to developer.

Id say report as bug. I know they used to get halb and then an update in December took it away. Try bug report

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Hindustanis (Indians) had Halberdiers for 10 years. It was removed recently. Report the bug I guess.