Missing the HUD display for unit production queue

Hi, avid AoE3 player here.

Not really a bug, but a regression.

In AoE3 there was a sticky HUD display that you could turn on in game options to show the production queue for every single building at once (as a UI element). This was really useful in intense games because you didn’t have to i.e. select your town center or stables to see the exact moment they were in the process of producing their last horse.

It would also be nice if it collapsed the individual training in progress portraits to a single portrait with a number on it, so we don’t have to count how many portraits to know if we trained 20 or 25 units or so if we were making like 100 horses it didn’t just take up the whole screen.

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Global production queue was explicitly mentioned in the dev stream talking about upcoming changes. So yes, it’s probably coming soon.