Missionaries replace Monks as a shared unit for allies

In order to make the Missionary a more useful unit I propose to replace the Monk for the Spanish with the Missionary, even make them a shared unit for the Spanish allies
The Missionary would have the same stats that the Monk but still affected by Husbandry and Bloodlines
Yes … I propose that be able to take Relics
What do you think?

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Too OP if they have the same range of monks and can carry relics.

Same stats too, just affected by Husbandry and Bloodlines

No, I think keep it as a Spanish only unit, but let it collect relics.


and give it a speed malice when carrying relics


But missionaries are already affected by that, they get bonus hp and speed from monastery and stable. I think they would be too fast to carry relics, plus they’re riding a tiny donkey and not a horse. Maybe with a speed penalty or something, to make them move at the same speed of a monk while carrying the relic it would make sense, but if that’s the case i don’t see anyone making monks with Spanish ever again.

They have a lower conversion time and range though. So if you could train a few quickly, send them to the relics fast, then bring them back at regular rate and transition into monks that could work. Missionaries could also have a faster healing rate to make up for being worse at conversions.


yeah but they have double the hp of a monk and can “gallop” away from anything that’s not cavalry, while the monk either converts or dies xD I think i’d stick with the missionary, besides they have that +3 tech, so 10 range is still pretty great.

Make Missionaries cost around 120 gold if people think they are too strong after buffing.

I guess if the Spanish had been a civilization from Forgotten onward, the Missionary would have been a shared unit

Gives the entire team an unfair advantage when it comes to collecting relics for a relic victory. They already benefit from bloodlines. Husbandry was well would make them too good. I think they’re better as a Spanish-only unit… but if they’re gonna benefit from husbandry, make their base cost 150 gold.

9+3 range for missionaries would again be kind of OP.

No team bonus replaces another unit. That is at the most for civilization bonuses. Making a team bonus like that would end up ruining your teammates’ gameplay… their monk units would take bonus damage from spear and camel units.