Missionaries shouldnt be instant trained

After they becoming cavalry after upgrades they train instantly, add to this the fact they are cheaper than ever (less res and no pop) to become a nightmare since their bonus cant be countered.


Edit: i misswrotte the title without negation

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another unexpected consequence of a stupid change made for no reason


unironically one of the reasons I remember floating around was so they die to pikes

edit: huh this has been in the game since march, has it really has an effect for treaty games?

In any case, this is not problematic at all, it is not worth sending him to the front to receive damage, he has 330 life and 7 damage with all his best possible that Spain obtains, you would sacrifice 2.5% damage to your entire army of infantry and cavalry and even up to 25% damage if we use the 10 missionaries to your entire army to send a unit that has weak armor and 330 life to tank? This in late games is a rather poor statistic, if you occupy 100 military population it would be stupid to lose 2.5% damage obtained thanks to the missionary, although they are created instantly there are no scripts for you to automatically make troops after losing them, minimal you will lose 1 second being optimistic, that you will not have 2.5% damage to your army, this is much more significant than sending them to tank, so I don’t see the point of reversing this, even if I’m honest I absolutely don’t care about nerfing that in Spain, in 1v1 missionaries are not even used and as a team only if you have enough time for the game to last and sending you the 2 cards will work, in any case I have not seen anyone do it, trying to create it instantly because even if it is done no one would kill them to spam

Who talked about tanking with them?? I didnt. If you are fighting Spain you would like to kill them ASAP like you would do with daymios, mansabdars or flags in order to weaken their army.

Not used in 1v1?? Then there is no problem to revert it.

I am speaking from the position of a Spanish player, not that you did it, I am saying that a Spaniard, ideally in a micro, would not allow himself to lose his missionaries. In fact, it is too difficult for you to kill him because it is a unit that practically all he has to do is stay. as far back as possible and give the aura to his allied units, because it’s not like the old missionary that had a much shorter aura range, which had to be exposed to combat to give the aura, if you see the treaty games practically the missionary is the unit that almost never dies, because it can perfectly stay as far back as possible without being focused. It is a unit that is weak but not enough to arrive and snipe it. The fact that the missionary is cavalry was also a change that didn’t make sense, now that they revert it doesn’t make sense either, why not stop making these changes that don’t make sense? the British, return the potential of the sepoy, the stats of the war dogs, among many things. But reversing the missionary thing has extremely minimal impact. Because it is a unit that is usually used in the late game, plus those improvements are for late games, I think it is good that it benefits treaty players, because you can only create from a church and it is quite tedious to have to build and rebuild the unit. church as you go forward and backward, apart from the fact that there are many units that are created instantly in late card games such as the archaic Spanish, Russian troops, surely others that I don’t remember

Main reason to not be instant created, the enemy should get rewarded by that abd Spain punished for same reason.

Right now they are, becoming them affected by riding school for example.

I guess devs become them cavalry to be easier to kill with goons, not that effective since most times they are behind a mass of infantry tho.

They can keep the tag but with not effect on train times like other units (One nerfed several times…)