Missions vs Skirmish Differences

I´m not talking about Arsenal and the other building which is just a second tech upgrade building.
I mean more that is there a special reason why some things in the missions stay different (like that outposts have in the Missions 3 spots and in skirmish 5?).

Thank you!

Most likely SP has the “legacy” balance they aimed for at some point in development and the missions were build around it. And while the multiplayer balance got further updated by a feedback loop, the SP wasn’t updated probably because of fear the intended experience would change along with the balance changes from mp.

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Thanks for the info.
Curious for the future if they will update it when they release a bigger DLC with new campaigns. Would be dope!

Yes, they seem to have frozen the entire game in the campaign missions, so it doesn’t have patrol, for example, and the wall building is bugged, you have to manually get villagers to move on to other segments. It’s pretty annoying, but I can see why they wouldn’t want to spend the resources on making sure everything still works as intended if they moved it all on to the latest game mechanics. It must be a bit weird for new players if they work through the campaign first then move on to skirmish against the AI to do the masteries, or multiplayer, and find everything is completely different.