Mississippian, Iroquois, Pueblo and Chimu AI Names and Campaigns/Battles, need suggestions

Hello, I’m working on my custom civilizations, I’d release them one day if the developers gave us an option to make our own non-official free DLCs, but I struggle finding Mississippian, Iroquois, Pueblo and Chimu AI names and Campiagns/Battles. I’ve already found at least seven AI names and a Campaign of Toltecs, Zapotecs, Tarascans, Caribs, Mapuche and Muiscans(and a Mapuche Battle). I can explain you these Campaigns below, if you want. Of course I’ve been searching for Mississippian, Iroquois, Pueblo and Chimu for a while, so I was able to find some stuff:

  1. Iroquois: Leaders - Great Peacemaker, Hiawatha, Jigonhsasee, Tadodaho, - Campaign - Hiawatha: Unification of the Iroquois tribes (?) - so I would need 3 more leaders, it could be War Chiefs, Clan Mothers or anything and confirm whether my Campaign idea is good or bad.

Remember, Iroquois cover all the Iroquoian-speaking people, not just the Confederacy. I have no idea if a campaign about the Iroquois Confederacy would be a good idea. Did Iroquois speaking people have any battles against Conquistadors or French before 1600? I wouldn’t consider Skrælings as Iroquois.

  1. Pueblos - I actually found nothing about Pueblo leaders and battles before 1600

  2. Mississippians: Leaders - Tuskaloosa, Quigualtam - Battle - Tuskaloosa: Battle of Mabila

I think this Battle would be cool to represent Mississippian people, but I couldn’t find more leaders. I think at least 7 AI Names and a representation in a Campaign/Battle are mandatory for a new Age Of Empires II civilization.

  1. Chimus: Leaders: Minchancaman, Taycanamu, Guacricaur, Nancinpinco - Campaign - Minchancaman: Chimu-Inca War

My Chimu civilization is in the best position of these four. I just need 4 more AI Names, but I found that the name of the Chimu kings are unknown.


You might find some in the civ concept LLC mod.I’ve looked up some for this mod. The Realms mod features Chimus with a few leader names too.

There are also some leader name ideas for Pueblo
from the AOE wiki:


A few other names possibly with a bit more research:


I might look into it later when I have more time at disposal but when you’re searching with the right keywords like Hernando de Soto expedition or Mississippian chiefdoms, it should be relatively easy to get a few names. I’d make the Mississippians anyway an amalgam of various First Nations like Caddo, Chickasaw which lived all in the same area.


Thanks for the help!

I’m done with Mississippians:

Edit: I’m done with Pueblos too:


And Mapuche? (20 charcaters)

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holy sh … this looks very good, I don’t have much to contribute about the civilizations you mention, I only have knowledge of Mesoamerican cultures, but I subscribe to the thread to see what others share.If you have any questions regarding Toltecs, Zapotecs or Tarascos (Purépechas) I can help you.


No, but they fought to Confederate in the 14th century, which could be the focus of a cool Campaign.
A religious figure (Peacemaker) tries to unify the tribes into one Confederate nation, at the same time that the Norse are starting very timid settlements in what now would be called Canada.
An unification Campaign is missing in AoE2 anyway.

Battle of Read Feathers, against the Aztecs, in which the Aztecs are barred from expanding northward.
Search under Tarascans.


They actually fought 2 Spanish expeditions. First Navaéz, and then De Soto.
Narvaéz was succesfuly repelled, but De Soto was not.
Could have a Campaign about how they first met the Spanish and managed to repel them, but the last 2 missions are the De Soto expedition, and the player has to prepare to flee, while Tuskaloosa is holding down the city for as long as he can, with the player being able to buy more time by assisting in the defense, but ultimately the city will fall, like that one mission in the Le Loi Campaign.

P.S.: I would avoid using the “Pueblo” nomenclature, since it is just spanish for “People”.
Poeblo People just translates to People People.
Tarascans, Anazasi or Mihoacan, would be better names, though I am biased towards Tarascans.


The Mapuche are already mostly covered by the Incans, and it is North America that is currently empty, at the moment.

Hi!, I loved your contribution, but those you call “people” or Anasazi, that are the ones I know the most, I want to point out that they should not be confused with the Tarascans, they are completely different, the link you shared from wikipedia talks about Tarascos not from Anazasi.

The Tarascans were an empire also known as the Purépecha that currently encompasses the state of Michoacán in Mexico (the Michoacans are considered descendants of the Purépecha / Tarascos) and inhabited the southern Pacific coast, they were allies of the Aztecs and their capital was Tzintzuntzan
“Indios Pueblo” “pueblo bonito” archeological site:

Tzintzuntzan, capital of Purépechas/tarascos Empire


Maybe, I though they were the same culture, to be honest.

Tarascans would be cooler than Aztecs, sinc they actually had military metallurgy, buckler shields made from copper-silver alloys, and even captured spanish horses to use.
Would be cool to have a Nat-Am civ without Stables, but still having Cav Archers and a Cavalry UU (Outrider).

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no, they are completely different cultures, although you are right that “Pueblo Indians” or Anasazi stopped the Aztec expansion northward.

To notice the enormous difference between them, the Tarascans were a Mesoamerican civilization influenced by the Mesoamerican culture(toltecs and olmecs) , The Anasazi were an Oasisoamerican civilization that therefore has completely different origins, as you can see in the images that I attached, the Tarascans lived in temperate zones with forests, on the other hand the Anasazi were pure desert.

That’s right, that’s why the Aztecs saw them as a great ally because they even helped them develop metallurgy that they were unaware of.


The Wiki says the Tarascans did:

" In the 1470s Aztecs under Axayacatl captured a series of Tarascan frontier towns and closed in on the Tarascan heartland, but were eventually defeated. This experience prompted the Tarascan ruler to further fortify the Aztec frontier with military centers along the border, such as at Cutzamala. He also allowed Otomies and Matlatzincas who had been driven out of their homelands by the Aztecs to settle in the border area under the condition that they took part in the defense of the Tarascan lands. From 1480 the Aztec ruler Ahuitzotl intensified the conflict with the Tarascans. He supported attacks on Tarascan lands by other ethnic groups allied with or subjugated to the Aztecs such as Matlatzincas, Chontales, and Cuitlatecs. The Tarascans, led by the cazonci Zuangua, repelled the attacks but further Tarascan expansion was halted until the arrival of the Spaniards two years into the rule of the last cazonci of an independent Tarascan state, Tangáxuan II."

Yes, you’re right about that, it was my mistake, it’s not that they were allies haha, it was until the arrival of the Spanish, because the Tarascos did not ally with them I was confused, the Anasazi did not stop the Aztecs towards the north The fact was the other way around, the Aztecs expelled them and for a time they even traded.

I was confused about the battles and relationships that Tarascans had with Aztecs and Anasazi with Aztecs, but it should be noted that the Tarascans did not live in the north of Mexico, they lived in the east, so they stopped their expansion but not north.

But I insist they are not the same, they are different cultures, Anasazi are not Tarascos, however thanks for the correction


Well, they were in the Northeast of Mexico, which was still forested, and that is why the Aztecs wanted the land.
I think the true Aztec Norther frontier was already desert, and they had no interest in expanding there.

So, in a way, the Tarascans did stop the Aztecs from expanding northwards, to the rest of the forested lands they wanted.

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Well, I highlight that they are located in this more central region because other people of well-known semi-nomadic “barbarian” warriors called Chichimecas lived in the north, who dominated that region, but yes, you’re right, Tarascans really prevented their expansion because they were an empire almost as powerful as the Aztecs.


Why did you change to spanish?

Los Tarascos tenian menor poblacion, pero su tecnologia militar era superior. Los Aztecas estaban contenidos en su estado Mexica, por muchos factores, un de los cuales era que sus vecinos que habian sobrevivido a la expansion Azteca, estaban ultra-militarizados debido a la experiencia.
Otro factor importante, es que el Imperio Azteca ya era demasiado grande para gestionar de modo eficaz y con vista a expansion dedicada, con la tecnologia de comunicacion de que los Aztecas disponian.

oh sh **, I forgot I was writing in English here hahaha, I was talking to a friend and I forgot to change the chip hahaha.

I already edited my post.

It is true that the Tarascans were better in metallurgy, but this was not so radical either since this did not give them much advantage in the war, since they required very similar armies in terms of numbers to fight with the Aztecs, they had an active army of up to 50 thousand men. In any case, it is possible that if they continued developing their techniques in metallurgy (which apparently they were doing) the Aztecs would have been in serious trouble, although because metallurgical knowledge was also expanding in the Aztec empire we would have had a hasty development product of this rivalry.

Just imagining a war in AOE between Tarascans and Aztecs makes me excited XD


Mapuche have the most AI Names, a battle and a campaign. I will be able to post later.

These expeditions can be in the same Campaign

There will be two: The Muisca and the Iroquois unification

Thanks for the help! Luckily I found everything about these civilizations what I wanted

In the Taracans Campaign you have to stop the Aztecs.




for iroquis campaign i bet there was at least 1 civil war

The sovereign Chimú had the title of “Ciquic”, it is known the name of:
1st Tacaynamo
2nd Guacricur
3rd Naucempinco
10 Minchancaman

The name of 4 Ciquic is known during the Inca occupation:

1st Chumun Caur
2nd Guaman Chumu
3rd Ancocoyuch
4th Martín Caja Cimcim

Querrutumi, who was the Chimú general during the Chimú-Inca war, can also be named. Querrutumi resisted for a long time the siege of the Inca army that had a numerically superior army.

An interesting fact is that the “Lambayeque” Civilization is one of the civilizations that unified the Chimú Empire, and the name of the 12 kings is known:
1st Naylamp
2nd Cium
3rd Escuñain
4th Mascuy
5th Cuntipallec
6th Allascunti
7th Nofan nech
8th Mulumuslan
9th Llamacoll
10th Lanipat cum
11th Acunta
12th Fempallec

The Chimú are descendants of the Mochica, which is why it is also possible to use various names of known Mochica kings, such as:

The Lord of Sipán

The Lord of Sicán
Señor de Sican

The Lady of Cao

One of the languages ​​of the Chimú was Muchik (inherited from the Mochica Civilization):

(Any resemblance to the R’lyehian language may be more than just a coincidence)

Chimu music was similar to this example

There is a film of Soviet origin of the Mochica civilization, here it is with subtitles in Spanish, maybe it can help you.