Mixed AI level

Will they update AOE II DE to have mixed level of AI? I usually play with my girlfriend and play together vs AI… if we do 2v2 in moderate, its easy… if we play 2v3 moderate, they crush us… it would be grate if you can select 1 dificult and 1 moderate…


Maybe it’s easy to add this functionality.

But it’s always going to be discrete - you can’t have the AI dynamically adjust to your play strength. There will always be a discrete increase from 2 to 3 AIs or from easy to moderate, etc. Where you will beat one level, but not the next level.

You should train harder with the goal of beating 3 moderates :slight_smile:

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Yes, totally agree… but if you can combine level of AI you can do a better transittion… no we go from easy to win to impossible just adding 1 AI… we will eventually beat it… its a “nice to have” feature