Mixer integration to Aoe 2 DE and Aoe 4

Suggestion to Microsoft for both Aoe2 DE and Aoe 4. A full integration of Mixer into the game. Not just like clicking a button and streaming easily, but enhancing the viewing experience by allowing them to participate in ways in the game. My idea is that viewers could vote for example before a game starts on what civilization or map the game will be played on and based on their votes, the game uses that to make that decision. So instead of choosing Hidden Civ for example, the players could choose Viewer Votes. It could even be that the game doesn’t do a highest vote wins but instead if 25% choose the Britons and 27% the Chinese, and 5% the Italians, the game would use that to randomize which civilization, so that every vote really counts, even if you are in the minority. Same for the map… could have an option Viewer Votes.
Secondly, what if there was a game mode where viewers actually impacted the outcome of the game like Hunger Games? For example, if I am a huggggee fan of DauT and he is playing against Lierry, I could donate $25 in the middle of the match via Mixer and it sends DauT an extra deer perhaps. That $25 could then be split in some way between Microsoft, DauT and Lierry. The viewer feels more participatory in the game, making the viewership of the games to rise; DauT and Lierry both get a cut of the pie even if the players are are against them, and Microsoft gets a new recurring way to make money. Up the ante to $50 and send a wolf at a villager. I don’t know what exactly this would do with game balance but one, if it is a special mode and two, if everyone is taking a cut of that money, I think I’d go with Win Win Win.

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Interesting idea, but it seems very unrealistic and could ruin the competitive aspect of the game, even if it was a separate game mode to the original mode, a streamer picking that mode and playing is basically asking for donations isn’t it? The idea of viewers voting for maps isn’t a bad idea, however that could be done easily without it being an in game feature.

I hope this doesn’t come across as me being harsh on your idea, just my opinion.

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As far as unrealistic, I know when I was reading about Mixer a few months ago, they were talking about in first person shooter games where you find boxes and they give you items that this was a way they hoped to have viewers interact, having viewers help determine what would be found in the box. Second, the competitive aspect I have no idea how the implementation would actually be done especially for competitiveness but it would actually be a new way you compete… showmanship. When you make great plays, that is how you win over the fans to donate to you. So it kind of creates a new aspect of the game. And asking for donations isn’t a bad thing. If you want aoe to gain in prominence, you need to increase the number of viewers. Actually that is what eSports in general needs and beyond that, they need to increase the amount of money that viewers spend. I see this as more of a pro mode because people only donate those kinds of sums really to pros anyway. And if I’m a pro, I’d rather make more money and lose games due to anti-donations then make less money and win. It is their livelihood. When it comes to paying bills, you do what you have to do, and if this encourages more money flow, you’d do it.

The map / civ thing you can kind of do without integration, except it would only take one player’s viewers into account. Not two player’s viewers, not eight player’s viewers.

I completely agree that content creators really carry games into success, and I thought about the idea a bit more but from a different perspective, as I really think that this would be bad for the competitive scene, because like you said, pro’s would be willing to lose in order to gain more money, they wouldn’t be practising in the main game mode, they’d be focused on getting as much money as possible. If this was implemented into a game-mode that was streamed on special occasions, by an official Age of Empires Twitch or YouTube channel, with all the main Age of Empires content creators, and all the donations went to a charity that was voted for by the community. I think this could really boost viewership for the game as most charity streams get more viewers than normal streams.

The reason I say it should go to charity is because if the game becomes a huge success, chances are pro’s will be rolling in the cash anyway and it’d look good on the community if it was a charity stream.

Hi @GeneralZumaI, As far as Mixer integration is concerned, there is already Mixer integration at the system level in Windows 10, so there’s no need to add Mixer integration for each individual game.

More info here: https://support.xbox.com/en-US/mixer/broadcasting/broadcast-game-with-mixer-windows-10

I think your ideas for interacting with streamers would be cool. I’m not intimately familiar with Mixer, but I remember the voting feature already exists. Directly impacting the outcome of the game would not be balanced for competitive play but for someone playing the game just for fun it would definitely work. I seem to remember seeing a similar feature being available for Minecraft, such as giving a streamer more sheep live while they were streaming.

It appears that Viper will move his streaming to Mixer

“That $25 could then be split in some way between Microsoft, DauT and Lierry”
AoE always was competitive game. No way for this pop/community/donation/“colorful hats” ■■■■