Mobile game ad using Aoe assets

I hope the post is visible from the link, but basically, the mobile game “rise of empires” is using Aoe2 DE assets to promote and advertise, and I highly doubt Microsoft gave permission for that… I did not know where to signal the abuse, but that’s a blatant marketing lie, and a poor editing job as well, I felt it needed exposed


A lot of mobile games do this, they use footage from well known franchises, and claim that is their gameplay.

Google and facebook actually promote this kind of behaviour. BECAUSE IT WORKS. People see the fake ads, then click it. Facebook gets money, Google gets money, the game gets money.

There’s no reason why enterprises would stop supporting this behavior, because fake ads give then more money than real game footage. In fact, there is evidence that these ads are randomly generated with random videos and sentences just because it works to catch players.

I hope Microsoft sues Rise of Empires soo hard, that their owner has to literally sell their body to pay the bills. We desperately need a sword of cleansing flame to get rid of this ■■■■■■■■.


Way overdoing it.

But I will give you points for style.


It probably should not have happened, but I enjoyed the ad. Nice mini-movie. Wanted it to be even longer :smiley:

Necroing thread, but whatever. From today, found in Youtube. Please don’t mind my musical taste.

The map of “The Walls of Constantinople”, from Attila the Hun campaign.
At least 5 months using fake ads. This is a literal goldmine, Microsoft could get so many money beating these scumbags!

Could we just necro this old thread with the premise of: Its now 2022, and RoE is STILL actively using AoE clips as ads?


And still. I fell hard for it, being hopeful that I can play such a nostalgic game on my phone. I now can’t play on pc because I am now a SAHM. RIP