MOD: Advanced Game Settings

It’s a known problem, which unfortunately might not get fixed, read the comments on Github, inside the pull requests, following the url in the first post (I can’t post links)

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The best AoE4 mod. I hope the devs make it easier for you and there is more flexibility. All the best.

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The same problem here. Tribute never worked after season 5

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How exactly can I access the functions of this modification? When I create a game round, I don’t see any innovations. I don’t see anything about the new settings that are shown here. The modification is subscribed and thus activated in the game. How can I access the new functions?

You need to change gamemode (for example to Advanced Game Settings) in game setup.
Skirmish/Custom Game, see screenshots…


Thank you for the information. :slight_smile:

Hello, which ticks do I have to set and remove if I only want to have the landmark destruction as a game goal? Unfortunately, I have problems with the English language output and only work with translation.

Assuming you want same behavior as standard game without sacred sites and wonder:
Tick following in:
Win Conditions:

  • Annihilation
  • Elimination
  • Surrender
  • Conquest == Landmark

Win Settings:

  • Conquest Capital (Landmark Town Center)
  • Conquest Landmarks (Age up landmarks)
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Thank you, I will set it like that in the game tomorrow. :slight_smile: By the way, the increase in population is a great feature. Thank you.

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Hi i love this mod, great work! I think it would be fun to add a timer for age up. So I could set timers before the game starts and no one could age up before example: min:15 and then maybe min:35 and min:55

As of today this mod is discontinued.
It might work even after 14.11, as long as you do not use new civs or devs do not break some API.

Thank you for all of your hard work. I’m sorry the devs aren’t providing you the support that they should.

This mod will be missed and is the best mod made for AOE 4.

All the best.

I meant to ask too, are there other games you’ve modded? If so I should go check those out.

AoE4 is the only game for which I have published mod. There were few other games I tinkered with mods, but these were for my private use… I also don’t need to make mods as I can just develop my own games Woprok - or with my friends

I had to use url shortener as my nickname is gloriously censored :smiley:


Thanks for the links, I’ll check these out!

I really do hope that the aoe 4 devs can change their direction. I just saw that your post on reddit regarding the end of AGS is getting traction with at least AgeofNoob saying they will take your concerns to the devs. Hopefully, something will happen in the near future. You’re a huge part of aoe 4 and you should be recognized for all the hard work you have done! Thank you again :slight_smile:

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Hi ####### you went above and beyond with the Advanced Game Settings Mod and it worked so well! I wouldn’t be playing this game if it wasn’t for the mod. I can’t believe they didn’t include a ending age setting like in AOE II, I hope you work on one for the Sultans DLC and thanks for the hours of fun.


update 24/11/2023: the mod still works if the legacy of Xi Vu and the order of dragon don’t be used in game.

You can just start with 5vils when you are using these two

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thanks a lot mlord. finnaly we can play the full dlc.

The age limiting feature doesn’t work with the new DLC unfortunately. It’s alot of fun limiting the advancement to Feudal or Castle ages. I still can’t believe they didn’t add more settings to the base game.

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