MOD: Advanced Game Settings

Advanced Game Settings got big update, maybe not that big in terms of features, but everything was completely rewritten to work better with diplomacy :slight_smile:

It features many options that were in previous games, but also few new options.


And finally a little option to hide objectives ingame, incase you really dont want to see every single objective mod throws at the screen :slight_smile:

Any feedback and bugs can be reported at github , but you can also post it here.


How can I provide additional language support? I don’t know how to use GitHub

You really dont have to do anything with github other than writing comment and attaching translation to comment (drag & droping it into comment) same way Seicing provides Chinese localization here Localizations Β· Issue #19 Β· Woprok/AOE4-AdvancedGameSettings Β· GitHub

In FAQ section on the github is link to english localization file that needs to be translated to a language of your choice that is supported by the game AOE4-AdvancedGameSettings/Advanced Game Settings_en.csv at master Β· Woprok/AOE4-AdvancedGameSettings Β· GitHub

I will then integrate it into the mod.


The guy who made this mod is putting Relic to shame.
This is why a different company needs to take over and really to work on game improvements, features and mechanics

Relic is too slow and updating the game at the slowest possible speed.


@Woprok Thank you very very much for this awesome mod :slight_smile: The best mod in AOE4 so far in my opinion. There are so many things missing from previous AOE titles and you added so much with your awesome mod. They should add all those things from your mod to the base game :slight_smile: Keep up the great work.

I love this mod. Thank you for your hard work! :raised_hands:

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