Mod appreciation

I just wanna publicly thank SealingEar046 for his outstanding contribution to the game, by improving the visual and animations of Disciples once you research their upgrades, as well as giving them a more relevant role within China by having them be reliable shock infantry and anticav specialists. I hope the developers are taking notes from your great work. What they’ve done with new European units, you’ve now done with disciples by your own skill and initiative.

Link to the mod: Mods Single - Age of Empires


(After) This is how these bad boys look now:


[quote=“BjornViking20, post:1, topic:241906”]
I just wanna publicly thank ####################### [/quote]
It was not necesary, but I’m thankful of your appreciation of my work. I love this game and I am very proud of can contribute to improve it.

They have very good creativity, and when not, some lines of code may improve it. Their love for the game is also palpable, with things that were just a dream added to the game (Mexico!)

I ain’t gonna lie, it was not my initiative. It was the Community initiative. And if I have this skills is due another modders, like @GwentMaster2163. I learnt from them observing their work. Of course, I also thank VladTheJunior and Kevsoft, creators of Resource Managers, without which almos no one could do anything.

I’m always happy of seeing my work on other’s screenshots! This game is art!


Beautifully said! I’m happy to see that we have such a talented group of people within the community, willing to teach and help each other.

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