Mod browser AOE2DE

Hello guys! So far we know that some kind of mod support is coming, and obviously it needs a way of distribution and I expect that Microsoft won’t implement this via Steam Workshop because it would benefit Steam to Microsoft store. The most likely scenario is that we will be able to upload to and download mods from and extract the files into the game folder.
I’m not a lazy and incompetent person (I mean I would be able to do these things manually), however we have to admit that this would be a step back from the convenience of the Steam Workshop.
Therefore, I think a reasonable compromise would be that the game had an ingame mod browser where you can upload and download mods and it can be shared between Steam and Windows Store users. I’m sure I don’t have to list all the benefits, but here are some:

  • All the mods are together, easily accessible, managable
  • You can easily install/uninstall them because you don’t have to unzip and specify the game folder location
  • An opportunity to toggle mods (active/inactive) without removing files
    (Yeah I know this would only be applicable if we would be given the opportunity to make mods other than scenarios)
  • Mods can be rated,reviewed by users and grouped together and searched
    ( Of course this can be done on a website, but people are more willingly to rate and comment if they don’t have to sign in and have forum profile etc.)
  • Mods can be filtered whether the current version of the game can support it
    ( With updates some mods gets corrupted and it can be removed/disabled until it gets updated, the game knows its version so it can be automatic, but I assume the mod developer’s responsibility is to specify if the newer version of the game can run it)
  • This interface is an opportunity to collect all the modding tools, modding guides ( which I hope there will be because it keeps the game alive and the community will be less demanding towards the devs because there are people who make new content)

All in all I think this would be a feature that the community would welcome and would agree to sacrifice Steam Workshop. I assume it’s a large think to start from scratch (if they haven’t already did something like this) in a beta phase considering there are many other things to work on, however I’m sure it’s not that challenging if you have the resources. (To developers: I know nothing is as easy as people might think and everyone is bombing you with features they want, but relax and keep up with the good work that you’ve done so far)

The developers claim they listen to the community so if you agree with me or have a better idea don’t be afraid to leave a comment. The more, the better.


Fantastic ideas!
If developers disable Steam workshop, then yeah, it is only right that they will implement suitable replacement workshop system in game.
Would love it :slight_smile:

Not a problem! I will take on and create a small portable application to install mods to both platforms. Anyhow i reckon on you not to lock the game files on WindowsApps folder. Because I am not taking the risk of changing people’s read/write permissions just to install mods for them, and you will also make it difficult for people to install them in the ms store. I noticed that AoE I has files locked from any editing so i hope aoe2 de will not take that road.