Mod doesn't update

Hi everyone,

I can’t update my mods since the update, am I the only one with this problem?

I get a notification that the mod is published, I don’t get any error messages, but none of my mods are updated.

Same. I tried to publish a test mod and, of course, failed. I tried to use another computer, but failed still.
Seems there are some problems with the game itself.
By the way, my mod is Overlord 600pop.

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Thank you for your answer. At least I am reassured that I am not the only one :confused:

Do you play AOE4 through Steam? As I saw some mod updated today, I wonder if it has something to do with the Steam.

Yes I play from Steam

Hope this got solved sooner than later.

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Same here. So I deleted the mod and tried publishing it new. Can’t publish a new mod. Glad I am not the only one - something must be wrong server side.

Yes, the same issue has been ongoing for a week and has not been fixed