[MOD] I brought back the original civ select menu

Since the anniversary update we have an awkward civ select screen that is very laggy. So I tried to bring back the cleaner looking old civ select screen. Here’s what it looks like:

The way it interacts is, a red civ button would turn green when you single click, and a double click confirms the civ. Due to official limits the 3 random buttons won’t change color when clicked, but hopefully that is not a problem as a quick double click still confirms it.

I don’t have an accurate measure, but it feels a bit faster than the current screen with my experience. I hope this mod also makes your civ pick smoother. Any feedback welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

The mod is called “Classic Civ Picker”:


Great job. I wish the devs used one style for the UI (in my opinion the classic style), instead of the multiple styles they use now.

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You’ve been putting some time into getting good at UI modding eh? hahaha
I have a friend who really misses the old civ picker. He will love this one. Thank you buddy.


Thanks buddy for your appreciation! Seems making the history mod turned me into a little expert on UI :grinning:

Hope your friend enjoy it! Love to hear feedbacks.

Looks great. Are you using some kind of visual tool to edit the layout files? The language looks like WPF, so I would assume there is some kind of editor in Visual Studio. Or do you edit them manually in a text editor?

Yes I use VS. Very nice IDE.