Mod Incorrectly Flagged by Admin

Hi I’m the creator of the Ancient TD tower drag mod. I just hit 1.2k downloads and I received a message today that it couldn’t be downloaded. I’m not sure why the mod was flagged by an admin. Here is a link to the mod. Mods Single – Age of Empires

Can the flag be removed so that players can play the mod again? There is a large community and I’m receiving a ton of messages to reupload it.

I unflagged it. Unfortunately there’s currently an issue with the mod backend where updates to your mod aren’t getting properly saved so become unavailable. As I result I had to roll back the version of your mod to a working version, but it won’t have your most recent updates. You can try re-publishing your latest but there’s a good chance it will break it again. I’m working to resolve the back end issue asap with that team.

I might have found and fixed the issue. If you get a chance to publish again, let me know and we can see if it breaks or not. I can always roll it back again if needed.

Ok I’ll update to v3.2 in 10 minutes.

Can’t submit anything. Something is going on with the AOE 2 DE servers a lot of players having lobby issues too. “Error submitting mod! Please verify your data and try again.”

It looks like it did update correctly. There was a game server issue a little while ago which would be the lobby errors. I’ll check the logs though.

Looks like it updated. I’ll monitor and will post back later today if it flags again.

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