Mod out of date

Created a crafted map, added it and published it in the mod list. Everything was fine until I modified it and updated it in the store.
Now every time I go into the game, the game prompts me to publish the update. After I do that, it says in subscriptions that the data is out of date. Unsubscribing and reloading the mod doesn’t help.

I’d recommend posting this question in the Modding section. Unfortunately my knowledge only goes as far as the tutorial here. Definitely restart Age IV if you haven’t (I’m sure you have). Also make sure you’re not for some reason still pointed at the PUP build (change Beta back to “None” in Steam).

There is a bug that will crop up from time-to-time where the UI basically won’t update that you have updated your mod. It may say “published” in one screen but “out of date” in another. We’re working on that one!