MOD production encountered difficulties.Consult developers

Hello everyone. I am economic, a MODer.
I would like to consult the developers of AOe3de. We met the following difficulties in MOD production.

WIN10 unable to install 3DMAX 8.0.

MOD creators used 3DS MAX8.0 plug-in to convert .gr2 files. Now 3DS MAX 8.0 is no longer available on latest OS, I would like to know what plug-in should I use to convert .gr2 files.
Specifically, the problem we ran into was.
Binding bones is a very important part of the MOD. Although we can bind bones in any 3DMAX, importing AOe3DE requires.gr2 files. To output. Gr2 files, only 3DMAX 8.0 can be used. However, WIN10 cannot install 3DMAX 8.0, WIN10 cannot install 3DMAX 8.0.
We would like to consult the production team whether there is a new MOD making software that can adapt to the new version of WIN.

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