Mod Request, Black Rider

Hello hello everybody, i have a little request.

Can someone make a skin for the black rider incorporating an actual armet or a burgonet? something like tint black the papal lancer armor or use the armoured pistolier model.

Isn’t that already in the game? The Black Riders from the Portuguese Church look like what you’re describing.


Not really, only the horse is diferent, they are still wearing a visored barbuta which is a frankenstein helmet used during the 19th century by some collectors.

I registered just to approve of this.

I dont mind about the horse, though I would prefer for it to be historically accurate, but he is so right about the helmet. Cuirassiers distinctly used burgonets, some very much shaped like armets. This helmet here is not only inauthentic, I find it to be less cool.

What do you mean that its a frankenstein helmet used during the 19th century by collectors?

The armor looks decent, though it could use a visual update. But please, by gods, someone either mod in or add the right helmet for this magnificent unit.

Overall, while from afar they look pretty great, this is one of the potentially best looking units and my favorite unit in history, and they didn’t do it proper justice. The actual armor looks so much better.

Funnily enough, they had the proper, very good artwork for this unit in the base game, the non definitive edition. The artwork was not only superior to the dogshite we for some reason got ## ### ### it also had the proper helmet. (at least on the unit card)

I’m really angry that we get stupid historical revisions but cannot get a visual improvement for this one. The historical representation is infinitely cooler looking.

EDIT: The ###### ####### you provided is a 16th century armor of a demi-lancer. Not quite representative of the black rider, but its “cousin”, and still cool.

With the frankenstein helmet, i mean is a combination of different helmets in this case, during the 19th century armor collectors somentimes, attached a visor to a baburta, with historically, it was never a visored helmet.