Mod Request: British New Voices

As the title suggests, I find the default British voice pack to be very archaic and frustrating. I’d prefer a sound set that fits the 1700s - more redcoat, less longbowman. If there’s a modder out there working on voice lines, I’d like to put forward this idea for your consideration.

Such voices can be expensiv…
Maybe you can grab some for 9 - 15 bucks.

Oh hi @DrMaxy4142! I appreciate the feedback. Really enjoy your work on the modding scene with WoL and all.

I may just try to put together something myself. It raises a somewhat related question. I’m familiar with the general framework of the AoE files (I actually provided some WoL voices, like the US villager, after messing around with the files on my own), but I have no idea how to create a distinct mod for DE that others can DL. Are there any handy tutorials you can point me to on how to publish something to the mod menu?

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Hay, thanks for the kind words (:

It’s actually pretty easy, if you go upload a mod on the website, it tells you what you need c:

If you can source the voices I can do the rest.

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