Mod Request, Pavisier Skin and Voice for Maltese Crossbow

Title says it all,

would be nice if someone could make a mod that changes the skin of the Maltese Crossbow with the Pavisier, since Maltese Crossbows are so strong they should look cooler, it shouldn’t change the shield for different stances since the stats wouldn’t reflect that. Also changing the voice lines to the Pavisier ones would be the icing on the cake.

It looks like everything works from my quick testing. Since I didn’t alter animations it might be multiplayer safe (I forgot to see if it is flagged as MP capable in-game), but I have seen people have issues with other unit skin mods so keep that in mind if you play a lot of online with randoms.

Voice changed to Italian and Maltese crossbowmen use Pavisier progression.

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Hey, thank you for your effort, I really appreciate it. Unfortunately though, I can’t find your mod in the in game, so I can’t download it.

I had it unlisted so yeah it wouldn’t show up in-game, you had to queue it up off the website. It’s public for now.

thanks for updating. Subscribing via website has never worked for me for some reason, the mods would never load in game…