Mod says increase pop limit to 300 but tested this and says 210

running aoe4 on a pc . recently upgraded to 16 gig ram and all else seems to be fine. however first mod i downloaded was a “population 300” mod and when testing with the mongols on an extra large map vs the chinese, it limits the mongols to 210, not 300. i thought this must be an easy fix for someone to tell me what to do. the mod does SOMETHING, it raises to 210 from 200.

If building gers and / or town centers doesn’t increase the mongol popcap then it’s probably a bug in that specfic mods data and you may want to keep looking for one that works :thinking:

ok. yeh played rus and they get up to 300. will try another. it may have something to do with housing as mongols cannot build them.