Mod stuck forever on the "downloading" part, any solution for how to uninstall it?

How do I get rid of this mod if the button for Unsubscribe is grayed out?

The mod also is nowhere to be found in the subscribed mods folder

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Select any other mod from there>open directory, go back to mods>subscribed find the mod and erase it

So there are two things you need to erase to fully get rid of the mod. If you go to the subscribed mod folder you can delete the mod’s folder there but as soon as you reenter the game it will just show up again because it doesn’t remove the subscription.
The second thing you can do to fully delete the mod from your subscribed list is to remove it from the mods-status.json file.
Find the mod name and delete from { to } around the mod. Be careful though because if you delete part of another mod it will break that one.
Once it is removed from both places it can be reinstalled and that seems to work. (I have dealt with this issue a lot)


the folder is already completely gone from the subscribed mods folder

Thx for sharing this screenshot of mods. Always good inspiration to see what others are using. Didn’t now there is a krepost range mod, and your colour pallete mods seems good too.

You got quite a lot of unpublished things there. Mind Sharing what is the difference to original sounds 2 and the one from the devs?

Would you mind scrolling down and sharing the test fo your list… :sweat_smile:

Original sounds v2 is just a small edit :smiley:

I’ve noticed the sound for when you gain control of someone else’s units (for campaigns only) was replaced by the king of the hill monument sound, which is kinda annoying and intrusive. So I switched it to the sound of capturing sheep (like it is in the original game). Oh and I also included some victory and defeat tracks from the Original Music mod, so I don’t have to use the full original music mod.

All the other mods are accessible to get on the mod center. For example Tooltips222 is just an unpublished version of my Improved Extended Tooltips. identical small trees is a project of mine where i replaced all the trees with 1 single variant of a jungle tree, it’s also available on mod center.

oh and I believe there’s nothing special below, just all the other age of mandala mods to complete it all together (tc range, tower range, castle range, krepost/harbor range) and the Haro Transparent UI mod.

Any chance of publishing sounds 2? I am also using the oirigna sound mod and your version is like a bug fix of the devs version.

Big fan of your extended tool tip mod!

This is the only UI mod i have made for personal use with some photo edites of pannels from other mods:

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Hmm, yeah I could get around to uploading these days. Will let you know when I do and will give u a link

1 Like here i uploaded the sounds

take care the mod also replaces all of the new Victory Music with the old ones

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thanks that one solved it, i deleted the mod from the mod status json file and it worked.

It actually didn’t solve it, it’s back now, why am i not able to remove this mod?

edit: it’s solved now finally

What did you do to solve it?

Just had to download it once more and then unsubscribe again I believe? Not sure now, can’t remember