Mod System does not support Palettes or widgetui texture files

Game Version:

  • Build (32911)
  • Platform (Steam)


I’m trying to publish some Player Colour mods by altering the Colourblind modes, but I noticed that two of the key files isn’t supported by the current Mod System. The first is the text files in the “Palettes” folder that alter the colour palettes in the game, ideally the one that handles the Player Colours. The second is the texture files in the “widgetui/texture” folders, which handles a lot of the UI files. Thankfully, the text files in the “widgetui” folders are supported.

This is the mod in particular I an trying to get working. I got the files that edit the Minimap working, but everything else this mod is trying to accomplish isn’t supported yet.

Edit: Build 33059, the Icons in “widgetui\textures\ingame\icons” are working now, but the other Widgetui and .PAL files are still not working through subscriptions.