[Mod] Visible Corpses


with recent updates I feel that decays/hero glow seems to stay on much more consistently and disappear way less in large scale battle with lots of units. it seems finally been addressed to an extent that is at an acceptable level.

can you check on yourside as well

question, can the corpses stay in the battlefield for a longer time? such as 20 min or more? i downloaded another similar mod before but the guy who made it stopped updating it so bugs like the disappearing stable started to appear

Are you sure this works? I’ve tested this trigger with the Unit ID and Dead Unit ID and can’t seem to get it to work.

Thanks for such a simple yet wonderful mod!
It’s good it’s not a data mod while massively improve the feel of battlefield.

I see you’ve updated the mod for normal graphics some time ago but not the enhanced one. Is it possible you update the enhanced graphics as well?
Or could you give us some insight on creating the perl script for batch conversion? Many thanks.

Sorry for the late reply and I am glad that you are enjoying the mod :slight_smile:
I would have updated the mod for enhanced graphics too, but first I need developers to increase maximum allowed size limit for mods (500 MB is not enough for enhanced graphics version) and they have not answered me about it yet.

I have thought about publishing Python program which I am using for converting graphics, but I am currently a bit too lazy to do that :smiley: I should publish it to Github one day so people could create local version of the mod by converting graphics on their computer even when I am unable to update public version of the mod for some reason.

EDIT: Oh, it appears that mod size limit has been increased to 1 GB in the meantime! This means that I can finally update enhanced graphics version. I think that I am going to wait until Indian DLC is released (April 28th) and then update both normal and enhanced versions to the current version of the game (with Indian units).

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I updated both normal and enhanced graphics versions of the mod to the current game version “101.101.61591.0 8647032” (Indian DLC). Success of update can be checked by whether mod contains 262 decay files.

@petwon32 Update is finally fully done :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update but now the mod refuses to download via the game, and the game no longer shuts down when closing. Is it not possible to upload this mod to a file hosting web site?

Does this answer help you? I could upload to some file hosting site, from where people could place it into local mods folder but it would be more troublesome than automatic download and of course would miss automatic updates.

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I deleted all the files in my mods folder, and then eventually everything downloaded, and now all works as expected. Thanks

is there a way to do this on windows ? and are all decay graphics included ? also animals and siege ?

Do what on Windows? I have Windows 10. Yes, all decay graphics are included, even the animals and siege.

thanks. about windows, you said you could upload a tool in github python tool but i have no idea what python is, my question was if this works with windows.

Update for the game version “101.102.1156.0 (#66692) 9368025” (reduced size due to migrating to SLD format)

can you share which tool you used to convert from smx to sld?

I have created a special program for changing decay graphics files. I switched this program to SLD format based on this documentation - “https://github.com/SFTtech/openage/blob/master/doc/media/sld-files .md”. Remove space from that link. I had to add space because for some reason this forum obfuscates link otherwise.

I have visited that github b4 but making a program is way too technical for most of us. can you share the steps on how to do it? or share the program you made if possible.

My program just duplicates and removes frames from existing decay SLD files. I don’t even need to decode content of frame layers, because they contain their size in headers, so I can skip their content.

Like I understand you want to convert SMX files to SLD files? I don’t know how to do it and so can’t help you. Try to ask in Siege Engineers Discord server whether anyone has any idea how to do it.

oh I see what you mean. I did ask them, they said its currently only for extraction from sld to smx but not the other way around. guess have to wait for slx studio for update

Yorok0 is it possible to add decaying corpses/skeletons into the game with a mod? I’m really upset they removed that feature.

It would be theoretically possible if someone would draw all the decaying graphics. It would be a lot of work though, so I don’t think it ever happens.