Modding question

Is it possible to create a mod with the Microsoft downloaded version of the game? I have downloaded Advanced Genie Editor 2.0 and the default data set locations it’s looking for are in a Steam folder that doesn’t exist for me. I have not been able to find the necessary files anywhere on my computer.

Yes. Actually you don’t need to download anything else, since the Advance Génie Editor is included in the files you installed when you downloaded the game

I haven’t been able to find it anywhere, apparently I am blind or stupid. I found my Users\MyName\Games \AOE2DE folder but it’s not in there, in fact there’s almost nothing there other than my save games.

Programfiles(x86) /steam/apps/common/aoe2de/ the path should be something like that. I’m remember it by heart, but Im not sure if it’s exactly like that. Anyway, you should be able to find both the AGE and the data file. Make a back up of the datafile beforw you start to change it

I don’t have that because I didn’t download the game through Steam, I got it through the Microsoft Store.

Yeah so the winstore version has the files all locked down and inaccessible. You can try using a registry edit to take control of the files, but it is honestly a pain to do so. Speaking from experience when I tried to access the AOE1 DE game files.
The Steam version is much more accessible in terms of modding.

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Can I get those files from somewhere else? Like if someone with the Steam version sent them to me or shared them so I could access them?

Looks like that might be changing. My Xbox app just displayed the following message about modding now being possible for games that support it:

This is an opinion, but honestly why would you get the game from MS Store if you can get it from Steam?

If you have Game Pass, then I think you get the Microsoft Store version of the game.

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Makes a lot more sense, thanks

I didn’t know any better