Modding worldbp crashes the game after changing module target

  1. Create new tuning pack
  2. Attributes → worldbp → clone default (assumed that this is used by game)
  3. Attributes → market_tuning → clone default
  4. return to cloned default worldbp and change market trade module to the new created for the mod
  5. run the skirmish with new tuning pack and game crashes during the loading

On other hand trade_route_module is crashing the game on selecting market
3b. Attributes → trade_route_module → clone default
4. same but changing trade route module
5. place market & select market → game crashes

Either we are not supposed to mod it and then it should be disabled from cloning or better documentation for it should be provided ? or there is some kind of bug with creating tuning pack that tries to change it and thus should be fixed.

Thank you for the report @Woprok! I’ll make sure this gets to the right people so they can take a look. Much appreciated!