Mode to Follow / Patrol / Protect ect + Edition mode to create campaign that and challenge other players

Hi There,

I wanted to discuss few point about things I personally wish to see coming (back?) on AOE IV :

  1. The possibility to have a military unit Following a target,

  2. The possibility to have a military unit to patrol from a A point to a B point,

  3. The possibility to have a military unit to protect a target,

  4. The possibility of a ‘‘hit and run’’ mode for any distance unit (longbow unit for exemple)

5 The possibility to command a unit or group to not attack ( and not just to stand down, especially for bowman, because even when they stand down, they still attack what they can on their specific distance)

And finally, I can’t wait for the ‘‘Edition mode’’ to create a map, and potentially a scenario of our own, that we could share online for other to take part in!

Sorry for my english, hope I’ll be read :slight_smile:

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Patrol mode is on the update roadmap if I’m not mistaken. It should be coming.

Not sure how “protect” would work, but I feel like I think it’s a good idea.

The “stand down” command currently feels wonky, I agree. Melee units will chase units in range forecer, even under keeps and TCs but ranked units will get caught up wasting time with terribly ineffective attacks against buildings if there is no combat unit in range.

That needs to be fixed.

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The ‘‘protect’’ the way I see it, would be mostly for building or Peasan, your military unit follows them, and if they are attacked, defend them… an improved ‘‘following a target’’ mode.

I feel like it would be great for exemple in a case of a long distance mine to protect peasans ect

And yeah, the stand down mode ATM is very bad…