Model Appreciation

A few models in the editor, but I just wanted to say that from a quality perspective, I think these look very nice.

Some are more historical than others but, I just wanted to take some time and appreciate the models created for the game.

Hopefully there will be lots and lots more in future updates and expansions/DLCs.


Just out of curiosity:- What unit is the knight of the Teutonic order that appears on the left side? Does he already exist, what are his stats? I don’t even remember if he appears in any campaign. In other words, the devs have the model, it would be easy one day to take advantage of it to make a unit for a new Civ. of “Knights of the Teutonic Order”.

I believe the editor named him William Marshal.

Though the castle age knights in the english campaign looked differently, more like this “crusader”.

But yes, it would be available for that purpose!