Models with maximum setting on 4k

So what’s the real Graphic of the game? Because those models are pretty good and i didn’t see them during the beta playing with maximum setting.


Let me give you folks a bit of context around this footage.

I played around with a few maps and specifically chose this scene as it is one of the better biomes/terrains, as well as a good showcase of the sound design.

The engine ran at a resolution of 4096 × 2160 with everything maxed out. The only graphics option that allows you to go above “High” is the terrain models, which has a “Maximum” option.

I also have the 4K Graphics DLC downloaded as well.

Furthermore, the footage is upscaled to 8K for two reasons: 1) I cannot zoom in closer than the max zoom level for that scene, so wanted the x2 zoom to look clean as well, and 2) Get rid of the recording’s compression artifacts. I.e., the game of course looks better on my screen than it does on compressed YouTube footage, but if you can open the video in 4K or 8K, then this compression effect should be minimized.

In other words - this is the best possible footage of the game you can view over compressed video that is as close to maxed out graphics at 4K running natively on your machine as possible.

Finally, I decided to upload this video specifically to showcase the potential of the game and its engine. To be very honest, the marketing team should’ve shown us footage like this to curb worries about the graphics concerns of a certain part of the community. I don’t think they chose the correct scenes, angles, or compositions to showcase the game at its best.

Edit: The pan of the camera is not fully smooth because I had to do it manually with my mouse and I tried my best. Once we get access to the capture tool, it should have smooth panning features. Hence, don’t worry, the slight irregularity of the pan is due to my mouse movement and not the engine.


Great video and thx for author for making this.

My personal thoughts. Even with this footage grain textures looks muddy at some points and also a lot of textures (especially on buildings) have UV problems. Not something people expect from game in 2021.

I only hope they fixed at least most notable issues and increase clarity for the world in future patches.

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Some buildings need work yes, but from a top down view zoomed out, the game already looks good at 4K. Remember, the game is not meant to be played at this zoom level at all - this is purely for content creators/folks who enjoy chilling in-game and checking out details. When you’re playing the game maxed out, you won’t notice most things.

That said, yes, I still agree that the inconsistency is a problem. While this scene looks great, I can pick others that don’t look as good for sure.


Two questions:

  1. 4k graphic DLC: Is It related only to documentaries or It unlock more Graphic options?

  2. could you made the same videos with other units?

This Is a screenshot made by me during the stress test playing on 4k with maximum setting (3080 rtx)

As you can see, textures are not good for a Triple AAA but the image you shared shows more detailed textures. So, are there other graphic options we didn’t see?

Unclear. The documentary one is 100% confirmed. The email I received ALSO mentioned a 4K Graphics pack that auto-downloaded. But it’s worded so vaguely that I can’t really tell tbh - i.e. maybe they’re just mentioning the documentaries only, but I doubt it.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe there was a Maximum option during the Technical Stress Test.

I just got access a few hours ago. I wish they did on the 13th so I would’ve had all the footage ready. Better late than never of course, so I’ll publish those detailed videos as soon as I possibly can.

I was surprised that none of the other content creators had content ready for YouTube.

Edit: See below. Unless there’s 28GB worth of 4K footage, some of those could be textures. Furthermore, the email says Age of Empries IV: 4K HDR Video Pack DLC - but as you can see below it’s not worded like that. TLDR: I don’t really know what really is entailed in the DLC below.

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The most of settings were on High (Maximum only for one option)

In this case It seems related only to documentaries.

tbh graphics are great, I cant believe there are still people complaining about it. What is annoying and disappointing is what they did with such basic but beautiful graphics. You could easily add a lot of more features and effects due to the lack of detailed polygons and simple basic graphics.

For example and here I go again, no manned cannons, ragdolls and hard to see canoon balls and stones. By adding those simple changes the graphics will improbve a lot more. Also the melee attack on ranged units and defensive and ofensive formations. Maps with more nature and bridges that can be destroyed and so on, there are a lot of things and posibilities. But all I see is mediocrity. The game has so much potential. I would buy if it was 20$ or even 30 is a good deal I guess. But theres a lack of features and things that makes the game feel unfnished.


I think it looks alright but one thing I hope they fix is so that buildings that has chicken or horses have animations on the animals and things like that because it feels odd to not have even a small animations to make it feel alive.

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there are a lot of easy fixes that looks odd, they just dont want to work on them cuse

HOLY ■■■■ that looks fabulous! Hat’s off to the guy who made the video.

And yet there’s people that say AoE2 has better graphics somehow. Can’t wait to play in two days.


I think its safe to say those settings weren’t doing anything for you then.
You were most likely capped like a lot of other people were during the beta.

I look forward to seeing your coverage on this.

Ok ok , but the thing is… did you notice any difference with the 4k graphics pack in terms of textures?

All my settings were on High and maximum, so It’s strange but i suppose we’ll see very soon.

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Oh, this Is a good question. I forgot to ask him. In other terms: did you see any difference about textures between stress test and Graphic DLC?

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Yeah its coming really soon, then we can all judge it directly.

There is no such option. Like, there isn’t a tick box or something in the settings. I just maxed out everything with the DLC installed, that’s all.

Graphics are not that bad but rooves on hre,french,english production buildings shining alot. They should fix that.

It’s a shame I lost all the screenshots I took during the closed beta and stress test. I had one of an English scout in which its cape was made up of about 3 polygons and clipping the arms. The horse was also very a very low poly model. It seems that we have come quite a long way since then. I echo @Latulevieja 's comment that graphics seem to be fine now. Surely it’s not the next Crysis but more than serviceable.

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