Modify icon ID shows a black screen

When I use a “change unit icon” effect it works fine but it leads to the issues of the “change name” types of trigger like the unit not being anymore affected by upgrades.

So the solution would be to use the modify icon trigger and select the ID of the unit whose icon I want to have. Problem is when I do that the unit icon just goes black.
Could it have to do with folders in which icons are located? I didn’t touch them since when I installed the game.

Use the Modify Attribute trigger to do so, then pick the “Icon ID” option in the list menu. Pick the Object you want to switch icon. Make “Operation” to “Set” and write down the ID you want to replace the original Icon ID.

You can find all IDs in this location of your installation folder: "Steam/Stemapps/AOE2DE/widgetui/textures/ingame/units(or buildings or whatever icon you want)

There all icons are stored, there, the ID is the file name: it’s the first 3 digits before the “_”. Note: if there are one or several zeros before any digit, you don’t have to write these zeros in the editor. So don’t write 001, but just 1.

Let me know if that helps.

To change names for units that you want still affected by techs and the like, just use the “Object Name ID” suboption of the Modify Attribute effect.
If you want custom name you have to create a local mod folder that you will pack in the files when you upload the scenario/campaign, so that it is activated when you subscribe to the campaign. For the folder structure of the mod, use the one of localization files in /resources folder of the installation.

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Oh so the issue is that the ID is not the one of the unit but there’s a specific ID for icons? That was what got me confused…

Yes, Icon IDs are not Unit IDs.

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There are some pictures you can see,you needn’t to search the document.

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Again Chinese is quite alien to me ahah