Modifying treasure guardian tags and behavior?

I’m currently working on making a wollo version with custom “civs” made up of different themes. The first one I did was wild west outlaws and it worked really well. For the second I tried to use the colonial treasure guardians and well, you probably know where this is going:

  • the gaia versions wander
  • no formation or stance
  • no tags (heavy inf/light cav/etc)
  • don’t show up on minimap

Can any of these be fixed in the scenario editor?

Nope, they can’t. You’ll need to use the regular versions of units rather than treasure ones.

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Thanks, that’s a shame. I don’t think there’s an equivalent for these.

It must exist. When a native american warchief or inca priestess uses the conversion ability on a treasure guardians it becomes a regular unit.