Mods and AoE DE

Use of mods has always been accepted by most gamers. How do you feel about the use of mods in AoE?

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I think it should be allowed eventually, but building the game should take priority now.
I find that there is great replay-ability with mods. Sometimes a game’s replay value is in quality mods.

AoE2HD certainly makes great use of the Steam Workshop. I get the feeling that with AoEDE being an exclusive of Win10 and the Windows store, mods are going to take a backseat unless Microsoft and Ensemble create new ways of distributing them. Modding may still be possible, but multiple installs may be required as with older games.

My hope is that eventually AoE:DE will make it to Steam (and Microsoft will honour their customers’ prior windows purchases) and the modding resources of Steam Workshop become available to it.

Mods always bring the light into anything. A game like this would benefit exponentially from some kind it modding support.

I don’t think it got use modding the genie 1 engine further. You would get a mod of a mod of a mod of a mod. :grin:

It also leads to the current state as is and that is hard to make it better without breaking something else.

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They shoul be finish this game first

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