Mods disabled after each Patch - how to fix that

Such a topic was already there in February but since we haven’t seen a fix yet I propose the following fix to finally stop having all players re-enable all their mods each time a patch is launched:

If the game crashes the next time the game starts up before the game starts to load the mods a popup appears where you can decide to deactivate all mods.
So if the game constantly would crash because of a mod you can then fix it by deactivating the mods with the popup and now the entire community won’t have to deal with having to re-enable all the mods after each patch (even minor hotfix patches).


They should just add an Steam Startup parameter like KEEPMODS - which doesnt reset the Mod settings after each update.
They are only done to ensure that buggy mods which havent updated to the version doesnt cause any issues - if there ever has been any

I dont care about guys from Microsoft Store because - well, their fault

Good idea. Or at least give us a pop-up when we enter multi-player with the warning: “your mods got disblabled due to new update, please go to the mod centre to reactivate the mods you desire”. I don’t mind doing this, problem is that I always discover in game that my trees are large again, often sharing my frustration with the opponent.

I backed up my mod json file that has the information which mods are enabled. When an update happens I put my back up there.

Enabling mods each times, I duper annoying and this is honestly a no go tjsz made me quit the game for a few months until I got the energy gathered inside me to deal with it once more and find a solution for myself

I think devs do this because of the hole aoe 3 deleting random files on pc Fiasko that might be mod related

Maybe they just wanna make us leave the game. The user who keeps playing only costs server maintenance but does not generate any profit 11

I would go for a pop up with the main menu. They already have the functionality to have pop ups. As result it will be just an easy thing to add.

Mods arent just a multiplayer player party only. Also single players are using mods. So having the pop up at the main menu makes more sense.

There were some issues in the past with enabled mods and new patches. People couldnt launch the game anymore, since the mod wasnt compatible anymore. Disabling all is the fix of the devs to this issue.