Mods dissapearing after subscribing

Game Version: 101.101.32911.0

  • Build 4395365
  • Steam platform


When searching for mods and subscribing to them they don’t work untill restart of the game(other thread) but when opening the game again mods getting unsubscribed on game launch. The folders (where the mods are saved) are being deleted as soon as I launch the game. It feels like the servers are to busy handling the request and when the restart happens you actually haven’t subbed.
Mods that I unsub from also randomly appear back in my sub list.

When doing this test on the site I click subscribe and get a ‘ok’ 200 response back. But when I refresh it’s unsubbed again. If I wait another minute and then refresh again I am subbed.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Open mods
  2. Search for mods
  3. Subscribe to (for me graphical) mods
  4. Quit the game after they’re done loading
  5. Restart the game
  6. Open mods and see some mods are gone and some back

Before closing the game:

After closing the game:

Before I closed the game I played a match that lasted around 30 minutes (ranked 2v2). Before that match I unsubbed and subbed to some mods.


Was subbing some mods myself and noticed this.

I did some testing too. I subbed and unsubbed some mods and whenever I would restart the game, on booting the game would reset back to before I made any mod changes whatsoever. It would always revert back to subbing the mods I unsubbed and unsubbing the mods I had subbed. Funnily enough, this didn’t happen all at once in a single launch. Some mods would reappear and disappear after a relaunch, and then over a couple more launches it would reset completely. Some newly added mods will work if not removed randomly. You can easily see this behavior by observing the mod folder and mod-info.json file in the folder. Everything is changed only on boot.

Also, I remember everything working fine 2 days before. It is also evident by the fact that the mods reset to a previous state rather than remove everything altogether. No mod which I had previously added was removed randomly, only the newly added ones.

I really don’t understand why such a behavior should happen unless the servers are syncing up user mod data and the sync is faulty or has stopped working. Probably faulty as it seems to be deleting new files and saving old ones.

PS. If there is any workaround for now, please do tell. I’ll be fine using it for now. But honestly, the game is plagued with issues, and the release should probably have been held off a month or two.

On boot the game does a check of your subscribed mods, it checks what downloaded files you have against what you have marked as subscribed on the servers.

If you have a local copy of a subscribed mod but its not marked as subscribed on the server it will remove the local copy (this is only for subscribed mods, local mods are never deleted this way).
This is also where mods you have subscribed to via the website will be downloaded.


So, for now if I copy my subscribed mods to local everything should work just right?

Please do look into the server sync issue. Something is wrong with the marking process. Or the servers are down. Most players may not even notice why their mods are not working and just think modding is completely broken.

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Yes. I have done this myself and that does work indeed.

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The problem appears to be that the server is not recognising when a mod is subscribed or unsubscribed to. I can vouch for OP’s problem and posted about the opposite occuring as well (mods remaining after unsubscribing) in a seperate thread.


I guess it’s the same issue but it’s definitely annoying. Combined with the fact that you HAVE to restart the game for some graphical mods…

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Thanks, that helped for now.

My subscribed mods sometimes disappear as well

Is this still an issue for you in build 101.101.33315.0 4426672 ?

Have you tried to:
Install or verify the game is installed on your C: drive
Delete the mods folder C:\Users\username\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\%64bit-steamID%\mods

Did you happen to buy the game on both steam and xbox live?

Could this be cause by specific mods?
Here is a considerable comment I have no verified: