Mods have disappeared

Its not tuesday and my mods have disappeared. Anyone else?


Yes, I am seeing the same. A number of mods seem to have completely gone and when I add some others back in they don’t seem to stick.


Extremely frustrating


A small work around for the time being. Copy the scenario file into your scenario folder. Or copy the mod into your local mods folder.


Yes, I can confirm that, I’m experiencing the same problem.

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Same issue here… please make small trees part of the game… there no point on having does sequoias

Same thing happened to me. Opened the game and about 10 mods missing, opened again and another 10 or so mods gone. Not just unchecked but completely gone. Can’t play without mods, hope the devs respond to this soon.


I’m also seeing this problem where lots of mods disappear and don’t seem to stick on rebooting the game.

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It bit me as well. I don’t know what the hell happened, but the devs NEED to address this.

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Funnily enough, the official Small Trees mod by the devs is one of the mods that didn’t get deleted from my mods. Might be coincidental though, but I can’t imagine it staying just as a mod for a long while, it’ll likely be turned into a setting like grid and range mods did.

I hate small trees - to each their own!

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Is there a way / a place to find the mods files? For example the Small trees one? The Idle vils one?
I would like to manually add them because I unfortunately cannot do a copy from C:\Users\PC Name\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\SteamID\mods\subscribed which is empty, same for the Local folder…